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  1. Thanks for the posting! Those are some good prices...:tup:
  2. Check the NM sales before buying on Bluefly. I saw several bags cheaper than Bluefly even with the 20% off coupon code. I called Bluefly and they will not price match with NM.
  3. Are a legit Chloe seller?
  4. they are def. legit I bought a prada bag there before and totally happy with my purchase.
  5. Check the search. There was a thread about a fake Chloe from Bluefly.

    From what I've heard they are a reseller and don't check their stock too closely so there are some fakes mixed in the the legit bags.
  6. Thanks for the heads up!:tup:
  7. thanks for posting the sales! nice sale :smile:
  8. it's a great deal!Thank's;)
  9. I found some pics of the fake in the Chloe subforum under Chloes You Loved and Lost. It was a Paddy.
  10. Hi there. Overstock and Bluefly are two different companies :smile:
  11. Overstock Auctions are questionable at best but the "store" itself seems to be fine.

    I was at NM in SF on Friday, they were having a "pre-sale" and had tons of handbags marked down.
  12. well I just received the bag but it was the wrong one... they shipped me this one instead
    It's the smaller and cheaper bag and really "Orange". I was so upset. They can't find the one I ordered and all I can do is to send this one back. What a bummer. All the paperworks were there for the bag and it looks authentic though I don't really know what to look for.