Chloe's On Sale Under $600......

  1. Just got a call from My SA @ Nordies she has two chloes set aside for me an Edith hobo & a Paddington both are under $600:nuts:!!!

    Ask For Mary (410)296-2111 on hold under Ali:tup:
  2. Thanks, Ali! I just got the Paddington. It's blue with the small lock... can't wait to see it. I hope I like it! Thanks!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Your welcome:biggrin:!!!! Make sure to post pics I can't wait to see what she looks like:okay:.............
  4. Lucky you! I was just about to call... Mind if I ask how much the Paddington was? Thanks!
  5. It was $589:nuts:!!!!
  6. How do you get a personal sales associate?
  7. I just got my whisky paddy for $799 and I thought that was a steal!!
    My you got a great deal:tup:

  8. If You find a great sales associate and shop with them regularly, they usually put you in their call book!!!!
  9. I called them anyway even someone else got the paddy. Mary offers to put me on her call book if another paddy comes up. I guess that's one way you can get on the call list. Just tell them you are very interested. :roflmfao:
  10. I did the same! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Ali, I just wanted to say how great you are for doing this. I think it's an awesome idea for members to put awesome deals on hold for us. It can help us all get a good deal on something out of state (for me, out of country lol). So I just wanted to say THANK YOU. :smile:

  12. :blush: Your so kind, Thanks!!!
  13. Damn! The paddy is a great deal, I've been looking for a paddy forever-please let us know if you get anymore deals!
  14. yes please...if you find anymore paddy....heads up:smile:
  15. ali, congrates! such a great deal. did you receive it yet? plz share some photos with us.