Chloes on sale - Nordstrom Westchester

  1. I went to Nordstrom @ the Westchester mall in White Plains yesterday and they had a few Paddingtons (a large green w/silver hardware, and a couple of shoppers in light colors), a few Bettys (chocolate in small and medium, a med. red patent, and a med. cream python.. mmm), a few Tracys (large white/brown and small and med. black!), a denim blue non-quilted Bay shoulder bag, and a few Ediths (large canvas w/whiskey leather, classic black, roche hobo, mais two-pocket). They also had a blue wallet and two Paddington clutches in green w/silver hw and red w/brass hw. All were 40% off. If you call, ask for Kelli in the handbag dept. - I told her I was going to tell some friends about the ones they had in stock.

    They also had quilted Bays in every color - not on sale, but I know a few people were looking for them.
  2. Thanks for the post!!!!
  3. I just realizes that the large white/brown and small/med black ones I mentioned were Debbies, not Tracys. But they did have a couple of Tracys as well.
  4. tnx for the info