Chloes on sale IN STORE Saks NYC

  1. The Saks in NYC has a ton of Chloe bags for 30% off. If you don't live in NYC, you could probably call the store if there's something you want. here's what they had:

    red paddington satchel (the classic satchel)
    red dome shaped paddington tote (with big lock)
    Muscade Paddington shoulder bag (w/ big lock)
    dark brown dome shaped paddington tote (with big lock)
    cream paddington tote with small lock (also online)
    gold paddington satchel with small lock
    bleu nuit paddington clutch/makeup bag (not sure of the name of this style)
    red Paddington wallet
    red paddington clutch
    brown paddington clutches

    There were some more small bags (not mini paddies, but clutch or makeup bag type bags) in other colors too.

    Green patent Bay (I *think* it was green)
    Elvire tote in brown and yellow (it's a pretty buttery yellow, actually very wearable!)
    Black elvire hobo

    There may have been some other odds and ends that I am forgetting.

    I'm debating about whether or not I want to go back for the red paddy satchel....:confused1:
  2. thanks! now go get it before it's gone:yes: you can always take it back if you change your mind!:yes:
  3. I need a ticket to NY please:shame:
  4. That Maise Elvira is really very nice.
  5. This bag is 40% off at Nordies, I seen it yesterday....
  6. I called on the red Paddy wallet but it was vamoose. They just had some blue clutches but those are too big for my needs. SIgh....
  7. Do you think they have the same sale online? i'm in Norway so have no chance of hitting that sale, bought my first paddy today in metallic Bleu nuit...i'm now officially a paddy addict, which is strange because i have never been a fan till i saw this beautiful color..i'm in love:girlsigh:
  8. how embarrassing i just saw the date of your post..i think i can guess that sale might be over now
  9. Hi Louise, welcome to Chloé! Keep watching these pages, lots of bargains are popping up lately. :yes:

    I :heart: bleu nuit too.