Chloes On Sale In Nyc

  1. I was in INTERMIX on Madison Ave today and they had quite a few bags on sale...the most impressive is a taupe, shopper tote reduced to $1019.00....there is are several pocket paddys in jaune also in the thousand dollar range. Also a shopper in jaune, same price as the taupe. There were few small paddys with the lock on the side, don't know their name for $799.00. There are a few bags in the teal blue and one in black. Also, about six Mulberry Roxannes for about $675....
  2. thanks for the information..
  3. Wow! Were the Roxanne's in the Oak color, or didn't you notice?
  4. you mean the shopper tote with the big open pocket in the front?I am DYING for that bag......Let me know!!it was 1910?orig.
  5. OMG! Chloe's everywhere!

    Go get it Jill!!!! Whoo hooo!!!!:yahoo:
  6. I hope someone here from NYC can snatch some Chloes up for a good deal! I've shopped at the Intermix store in NYC and the one in Bal Harbour FL as well. Such cute stuff they always have.
  7. ^LOL! YOU are such a BAD influence girl!!!!
  8. how do u say chloe? is it pronounced "clo-e"
  9. Yes, that's IT! :yes:
  10. Just in case anyone is looking...Intermix (Columbus & W 70 St) has a mousse and taupe pocket paddy for $995, mousse shopper, and a few tan zip satchels. I picked up a mousse pocket paddy for myself...I'm so in love with this color :biggrin:
  11. OMG..TRACEY..YOU ROCK! I just called and I got the Taupe shopping tote for 40% OFF! I am jumping out of my freakin excited!!!ANYONE HAVE A PIC OF THE TAUPE?...OOHH...AHHH...SO!
  12. but wait there's more...intermix on b'way downtown has the shopper in mousee and jeune, the zipper east west bag in taupe, jeune and mousse and the pocket in mousse...alll for over 40% off! I got a bag they call the 'simple paddy" it has one zipper and the lock on the SIDE, but best of all it's light weight! and it was 799!!!! They had one in taupe too.

    Also stopped into kirna zabete and they still have betty's, chocolate, ivory, tan, plus some metallic paddys and a whiskey pocket paddy which just KILLED me because i paid retail and it's now 30% off. I'm NEVER buying chloe again before it goes on sale...well except maybe for a pre order edith in rouge....