Chloes on sale at Saks - one day


Feb 6, 2007
Just stopped into the Saks on Fifth Ave in NYC, and there are a bunch of Chloes on sale (30%) for one day only. They have red, blue, and a light tan (sand??) paddington satchels, the red paddington bowler, the chocolate messanger bag (the one that zips open at the bottom), brown shopper, the chloe zip clutches, the tiny Chloe paddington clutch, the chloe paddington capsule satchel in nuage, the Alis bag, and there could be others that i'm not remembering. if anyone is interested, i have the number of a "chloe specialist" SA that I can PM you.

Here are some pics:
chloe paddington capsule satchel

chloe red bowler:

Alis bag:

Zip Clutch: