Chloes' New Creative Director

  1. Does anyone know anything about the New Creative Director at Chloe? I was trying to get an idea of the direction Chloe might be going.
    Does Phoebe get credit for the Bay Bag?
  2. New designer is Paulo Melim Andersson. he is 34 & worked with Marni so interested to see what he comes up with. he wouldn't have been with Chloe when the Bay bag was designed so I guess it was Phoebe!
  3. Hmmmmmmmm, not a girl, eh? (I dunno, I like girl name companies to have girl designers. :shrugs: ) I hope it's good!
  4. Don't know anything about him - but can't wait to see what he does.

  5. Actually, there was no Creative Director when the Bay would have been designed; just a design team.

    So, it's not Phoebe's, or Paulo's design. :biggrin:
  6. I may be in the minority here but, I really like the spring stuff.
    I like it better than the Fall 06. It looks feminine yet not too stiff. I think I like what the "design team" did! I have a feeling that their Bay Bag may be big.
    I posted some pics from the Spring Runway show in a previous thread. I love the way the bags are being mixed with diff shoes. It, Chloe, still has that awesome casual, understated elegance! I like!
    I found that Paulos first designs will be shown in March (fall 07 line). Can't wait to see!
  7. Of course, you are right Chloehandbags, sorry :smile:
  8. Yes can't wait to see there was some really nice marni stuff last few years. let's hope he comes up with something really different or Chloe will merge into the background again.

  9. No, no.....please don't apologise, BagAngel! :flowers: I feel a bit bad for being pedantic, now. :sad:

    ITA with you about Chloe needing some really good new designs, BTW. Although, I do think they could still be a continuance of Phoebe's design philosophy (as her designs were of Stella's); if he can tune into that well. :yes:

    I do think the S/S designs are innovative and different, whilst still being wearable (they were inspired by Gloria Vanderbilt's designs in the '70s, apparently).

    But I think they lacked the certain extra something, that we have come to expect from Chloe in recent years and that the design team were perhaps a little too focused on being interesting, without being concerned enough about the fact that most women also want to look beautiful.
  10. Yes absolutely I think Chloe need to come up with the wow factor if they are to continue the good spell they have had especially in the handbag dept. It will be so hard to have another paddington I mean everyone wanted one, it was crazy. So this guy really needs to come up with something special, He did some great leather gear for Marni so here's hoping he will be innovative for Chloe!
  11. ^ :yes:

    He did design a wonderful pair of platform sandals, I remember. The colourway I particularly loved was a beautiful combination of mink coloured suede and gold metallic leather. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I bought a pair from Browns, but I had to return them because they were too big and the smaller size had sold out. :sad:

    If he produces something like that for Chloe, ideally with a matching, long-strapped shoulderbag and wide belt, I'll be very, very, happy! :biggrin:

    But if Chloe becomes too overly 'Marnified', I won't be so chuffed! :lol:
  12. he did great leather waistcoats with charms & matching bags with fringing/charms, I remember thinking they were amazing so looking forward to something similar & definitely NOT masculine LOL

  13. They sound nice. :yes:

    Which season were they from?