Chloes available The Grove Los Angeles

  1. Hi Girls! I was at Nordies at The Grove today and saw many fabulous Chloes for anyone in search! The had

    Regular Medium Paddys: Whiskey!, Orange, Tan, & Chocolate.
    Large Edith: Chamois
    Medium Front Pocket: Taupe
    Large Front Pocket: Chocolate
    Edith's with strap: several colors
    Side Pocket Paddington: Chocolate
    Large Betty: Brun
    and others, but these ones stood out. Ph# is (323)930-2230 :smile:
  2. Wow, are you serious???!!! I have never seen Chloe at the Nordstrom. I love the Grove! I am going there tomorrow, hopefully!
  3. Excellent AbbYY!! A whiskey "in the wild" :nuts:

    Did you happen to inspect it for texture, pebbling, color?? hee hee!! :shame:

    I sooo would love a really nice whiskey, but it would have to be stunning.
  4. OMG you have me doing flips here! A whiskey??? :wtf::wtf::wtf: I hope they're still open...
  5. Ack the bag is on reserve for someone. :crybaby:I put a second reserve on it but the lady described it as "slightly pebbled" so... not sure if I would want it anyways... :Push:
  6. Can the SA find another for you?? A month ago my SA told my Nordies only had five left, and none on order :confused1:

  7. She has none left in stock. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: I think she may try to find one somewhere else (waiting for a call back)