Chloes at Sacoche Bahrain -- Further Reduction (Ramadan Sales)

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  1. Hi girls.;) Got an email from Sacoche about the further reduction on their Chloes. Checked the price list from four weeks ago, and seems its only about 10% lower than their last sale. Still a sale though.:graucho: Will try to upload the photos later. Meanwhile, here's the price list:

    Patsy (noir, brun, rouge) $672
    Patsy shopping bag (blanc, cannon, tonette, camel, cannelle) $477
    Paddy capsule (noir, bois) $1030 to $1300
    Betty (chamois, grey, brun) $740
    Elvire (moka, maroon, elephant, noir) $826
    Bay non-zip (rouge, elephant) $960
    Bay (ecru, canelle) $776 and 859 (for the longer one)
    Logo Canvas (sable, noir, brun, camel, rouge) $498
    Maggie (taupe, moka, beige rose) $778 and $1107 (for the bigger one)

    The email has the CC authorization form and instructions on how to order. Not sure how to post that here, just PM me your email and I will forward the Sacoche email attachments. Happy shopping!:heart:
  2. I think I got the last meduim quilted bay in Canelle! but double check!!!

    They also ship with low value to avoid customs!
  3. I think you did Mona. I got the same email and it didn't have the medium quilted bay in canelle. Did you have to ask them to ship with low value?
  4. They do it automatically! I didn't have to pay a penny!
  5. How do I contact them??
  6. Their number is 973 17570580
  7. Thanks mona_danya, I'm thinking about a Bay--I love the pics of yours and the rouge sounds interesting.
  8. Hi, do they have a website please? I Googled with no luck. :shame:
  9. Sorry. No website. They're in the Chloe website though as an authorised retailer.