Chloes at NR Brea

  1. 1 brown ollie, $599, 1 forest green mini paddy crossbody, $599, on black debbie, $449.
  2. thanks for the post, I need to check out my local NR too and see what deals they have too! I'll post when/if I find any Chloes.
  3. Everyone else has such a goood NR. Mine usually have very little.
  4. Have your bags arrived yet:nuts:????

  5. I've never seen any Chloe at mine either:tdown:!! I 'm very surprised though because there's an actual Nordies across the street from it and they carry Chloe there:confused1:
  6. Ok so completely ignore my last post as I am standing in my local Nordies rack staring at two chloe bags*shocked&drooling*!!!!!! Apparentely today was new brands arrivals. if this is what they have left I can only imagined what I missed*crying*.......
  7. What styles did they have & did you get anything?
  8. I don't think you missed anything. I called several NR before heading down to Brea. Apparently, each store only gets 2 or 3 pieces. Mostly the green paddy, ediths, edith bowler.
  9. They had a cream debbie and a double pocket edith(and a really cute zac posen bag and lots of alexander mcqueen bags)......
    No I didn't get anything, although I was contemplating the zac posen!
  10. I just got a box today, haven't opened it yet... been so busy with "back to school." Hopefully tomorrow I'll open up the box and see my hidden treasures!
  11. Can't wait to see what you got? Did you go to the billion dollar babes sale?
  12. No, I signed up for it, but had a strange feeling that it wasn't going to be worth it... so I waited for people to post their finds... I'm so glad I didn't go! The NY BDB sale seems to have been much better.
  13. Can't wait to see pic of your hidden treasure!!
  14. :nuts: OMG... I'm sooo excited for you, I can't wait to see the loot:popcorn: