Chloes at NR at South Coast Plaza

  1. A couple of Chloes and other brands at South Coast Plaza NR, it is doing a special event, some kind of designer sale...

    Anyways, Chloes first, a couple of Chloe canvas Ediths, $599; one Edith black tote (it is a rectagular looking bag), %599; one Ava shoulder bag, antelop color, $499;one boxy patent leather red Betty $599.

    Other brands: one large Botkier Bianca, bone color, $499?? several Lanvin wrist bags, $599; one blue suede Lanvin bag, $599; lot of Mulberries, don't know the styles; one Alex McQueen, black patent leather $599.

    These are the ones that I can remember. I don't think they hold, but I don't know if they will do charge send. Good Luck, ladies!
  2. thanks for the headsup!
  3. omg...what a great selection! I have to go to my NR and see what we have! Thanks...
  4. Nordstrom Rack - I think. It is the off-price outlet of Nordstrom's.