Chloe's Arrived!

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  1. Okay I have been lurking around the chloe forum and have asked a few questions about the chloe. Just trying to see if this would be the bag for me. So I broke down and purchased the Edith in whiskey. My SA also sent the big pocket paddy in chocolate. She sent it for me to see if this style would be something I would like. Both bags are beautifu!

    What are you paddy experts take on the big pocket paddy compared to the original paddy?

    Edith experts do you get tired of only carrying the bag by hand and do you think the Edith can be used as a casual bag as well as dressy?

    How user friendly are both bags(accessiblity of your things)?

    Give me some feedback. I need help to make a decision.:shrugs:
  2. First, congrats on your purchases!!! :yahoo: I know you have been doing your homework and looking around for your perfect Chloe. Let's see if I can help.

    I prefer the regular satchel over the large pocket paddy just because 1) it is the signature style of the padlocked bags and 2) size. If you like large shoulder bags the pocket paddington is perfect. I prefer shoulder bags that slim and make the figure feminine and I find the pocket paddington to be a bit overwhelming for my 5'3 frame. Chocolate is an amazing colour because it changes in the light to give off a burgandy hue that is truly beautiful to see. I know you were originally looking for a satchel so I think you should keep on that course.

    I wore my whiskey Edith with dresses, jeans, tshirts, etc. It goes very well with casual wear because it adds a funky appeal. For evening wear...well, you can wear it with casual summer dresses or suits but I don't think it works for little black dresses or gowns. The fact that I couldn't wear it over the shoulder didn't bother me. It is a very comfortable tote. I actually think if it was worn over the shoulder it would lose its appeal and look too book-wormish.

    Paddingtons are always hard to get in/out of because of the padlock. As long as you don't zip it and just sling the padlock part over the bag you'll be fine. For me, the Edith is extremely easy to get in/out of.

    So what would I do if I were you? I would keep the Edith and return the large pocket paddington for a regular chocolate paddington satchel!

    I Hope that helps! :flowers:
  3. I agree with lordguinny (I usually do - lordguinny, you do know your Chloe!). I have an Edith and my classic Paddington satchel will be delivered to me today (:wlae: ) - so I don't have too much experience with it, but I did go to my local Nordstroms to try all of the styles before ordering the Paddy.

    I sometimes get tired of carrying my Edith in my hand or on my arm...which is one reason I decided to order the Paddy. Edith is lovely, easy to get into (and it's big, so I have to be disciplined and not load too much in it) and versatile enough to go from classic business wear to jeans - but it's not a dressy bag.

    I tried the pocket Paddington - it was just too bulky to be carried on my shoulder - I'm also 5'3", and if a shoulder bag is big, it has to be pretty flat to look good. The regular satchel looks good on the shoulder, and I think it could be dressed up or down - dressed up more than the Edith.
  4. You guys are great! That really helps.

    Lordguinny you are such a chloe expert! We are about the same height so I can take that into condsideration on the style of the paddy. The chocolate color is gorgeous. I got my bags from NM in Tampa and they do not have the regular paddy satchel.

    Do you still have your Edith I thought you got rid of it? I am carrying it today to see if I am going to like the bulkiness of the Edith.

    Thanks, I am going to put my things in the pocket paddy and take it for a test drive before I make a decision. Thanks again.
  5. bisbee, are you going to keep your Edith when you get your paddington? The bags are so different that I think you should! I agree with you, I had a hard time not wanting to stuff my Edith with lots of things. It looked more smooshy (which I like) when I kept the packing to a minimum. :smile:


    Yeah, I returned my Edith a couple of weeks ago because it was missing the serial number tag. And for $1250 a bag better be perfect! When I speak of Edie I usually use past tense verbs because I no longer own it. I miss her so much, but oddly, I don't have any regrets about returning her.

    It did take a lot of searching and ordering/reordering to find the perfect Edith for me (I wanted a very wrinkled and scrumpled one) so if I do repurchase an Edith I want to buy it at the store to save a lot of trouble.

    However, I've been eyeing the Edith's just so cute! Btw, I saw sweatsparkle's thread saying there is a chocolate paddington at the Saks in NYC, on 5th Avenue. Maybe you can see if you can get it?
  6. I have both of the bags you ordered and love them both. The Edith is a great everyday bag for me. I don't see it as a dressy bag, but I rarely have an occasion for that type of bag. I do not get tired of carrying the Edith on my arm, but I don't carry it if I know I am going to need both hands free.

    I love my pocket padddington, although I am not sure if I have the large one or not. I like it better than the satchel, jut my personal preference. Let us know what you decide when you get your bags and, of course, post pictures.
  7. Lourdguinny where are the serial numbers located on the Edith. I want to make sure that they are on my bag. You are right for that amount of money the bag needs to be perfect.:yes:

    Bark I am liking the pocket satchel. Since this is my first chloe paddington I do not have an original satchel to compare to. I think I will keep the pocket chocolate paddy for now. It looks and feels great. I will post pics soon.

    At some point in time I will probably get get a satchel.

    What colors of chloe's do you have?
  8. Edith isn't going anywhere! I've had her since March - the Paddy will be a new friend! I don't understand a lot of the posts about returns (I'm quite new to this board). Do people buy these bags (retail) and keep them for a long time without using them, then decide to return? Or do they use them without removing tags (gentle use)? I think the only reason I'd return after using a bag for a while is if it didn't hold up the way I expected it to...Please educate me!
  9. Congratulations! Pics pics!! Any Paddy style in chocolate is gorgeous. And the Whiskey color in the Edith is amazing.

    As far as which style Paddy I like, I like the regular satchel style over my black medium one-pocket. You've indicated you got the big 1-pocket (straps go around the front of the bag) so that one is quite large.
    As far as the Edith, I love the color Whiskey on it but am probably going to end up giving my Edith to my sister (who adores it & will use it) since I'm not using it anymore. I like the smooshier style (& use of the strap is a biggie for me) of the Balenciaga City bags more and so have ignored the Edith for a while now. I use my regular Paddy satchels & Bbags much more than Edith and see that as a continuing trend.
  10. In regards to returns you never really know. For instance, some people will take advantage of a department store's flexible return policy and beat a bag to death before they return the bag. There was a post here before of a PF'er who snagged a dark hunter paddington for 50% on That bag was likely a return that came back bad enough shape that decided to give a huge discount. Normally if a bag is so badly beat up a store won't take it back. But if you buy from their online site the quality control isn't as tight.

    Some people return a bag as soon as they open the package and realize they don't like the bag. Regarding my Edith I considered it a defect that it didn't have a serial tag (which was suppose to be located on the interior pocket). Some people would not have been bothered by this but I was. I had worn it maybe 7 times to work where it sat on my desk. It was in perfect condition when I sent it back. I actually think the next person who gets that bag to be lucky because it was the PERFECT Edith!!!!

    I would never consider sending back a bag after it was used, unless it was defective. Some people buy bags and decide to return it after 3 months because all it did was sit in a dust bag in the closet.

    This is a much debated topic but it comes down to this: It is a personal decision. The only thing you can do is protect yourself from buying a beaten bag by asking the SA if it was a return and inspecting the bag once you receive it.
  11. Thanks for the explanation - I totally agree with everything you said!
  12. The bag I have is the medium one pocket satchel.
  13. Yes, and Janice, chocolate is one of the most divine colours. I'm glad you are keeping both!
  14. I have the pocket paddy in the new orange and I'm 5'2". I prefer it over the more popular satchel because it's more roomy and I do use it as a work bag as well. But on days that I don't need all the stuff I normally carry, it kind of hugs my side and slouches. It' also looks flatter against my body, like a tote, and I've gotten so many complements on it. The style hasn't been faked either (not yet anyway) which is another big plus.