Chloe's are here, what do you think? modeling pics inside. . .


fashion ruckus
Dec 4, 2007
Planet Spacejace
My Chloe's arrived and I think I really like them. I'm excited that they might be PERFECT for work in the Fall (I may even be able to get in a few wears before the weather gets too warm). They are very comfortable, a beautiful simple dark olive green color that will go with everything, and the heel and the platform look like they will be impervious to damage.

What do you ladies think? Are they cute, practical and funky, or are they too chunky for my thick legs? As I said in the last thread, all my other pumps are dainty and feminine. Maybe these are a nice departure?

Give me your opinions ladies because I'm going into NYC this weekend to go shopping and I want to decide weather I should keep these by then.