Chloes and Marc Jacobs at Bloomingdales

  1. hello. my first post!

    The San Francisco store @market street has some Marc Jacobs Irina totes $417 and other styles plus a few Chloe styles (sorry didnt get the names) marked down in the $500's. Nice deal if anyone is interested! :wlae:

    415-856-5300 ext 5428 ask for Robert, he's very pleasant person to deal with!!!
  2. Was this today?
  3. Just called, the chloes are the Ava and they are $700ish.
  4. I saw the Ava's on Sunday - they were the shoulder bag Ava's not the medium or large satchels with the straps. I think they were all Moka.
  5. robert is such a sweetie, love him!