chloehandbags' collection

  1. I'll start with the Chloe bags I took photos of for another thread (while I can still find them! :lol: lol) and I'll add my other designer bags, as and when I get the chance! :smile:

    1. Chloe S/S '03 Wallet with Amber Resin.

    2. Chloe Large Tiger Head Hobo A/W '03-'04.

    3. Chloe Clutch with Blush Flowers A/W '03-'04.

    4. Chloe Grecian Clutch (Bordeaux)) A/W '03-'04.

    5. Chloe Grecian Clutch (Fuchsia) A/W '03-'04.

    6. Chloe Small Mesh Hobo (Old Gold) S/S '04.

    7. Chloe Small Mesh Hobo (Silver) S/S '04.

    8. Chloe Beaded Clutch (Gold, Black & Green) S/S '04.
    Chloe Brown Wallet with Amber 1 sml.jpg Chloe Tiger Hobo 1 sml.jpg Chloe Black Clutch with Pink Flowers 1 sml.jpg Chloe Grecian Clutch Bag (Bordeaux) sml 1.jpg Chloe Pink-Purple Clutch Bag (3) sml.jpg Chloe Old Gold Mesh Hobo 1 sml.jpg Chloe Silver Mesh Hobo 1 sml.jpg Chloe Green, Black and Gold Clutch 1 sml.jpg
  2. Ooh ... love all your evening purses! Especially love:love: the Chloe bordeaux grecian clutch!
  3. Wow, your username is really appropriate ! I love those mesh bags !
  4. Thank you, asl_bebes and ayla, for your compliments! :shame:

    I'll go and have a look at your collections! :smile:
  5. Nice!
  6. Beautiful purses! Very nice!
  7. oh so love your chloe clutches!!! Esp the Bordeaux and Fuchsia. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Great clucthes
  9. What a great collection.
  10. Very pretty!
  11. totally loving the Chloe Grecian Clutch (Fuchsia)!!!! its so cute!!! thanks for sharing!!!
  12. Those clutches are really pretty.
  13. Gorgeous collection. Can't wait to see more pictures.
  14. WOW - Such beautiful Chloe bags - I love :love: :love: love (did I say Love) that Tiger Hobo - gosh, I am going to have dreams about that bag - how rare to have that in your collection - just fabulous!!!!
  15. I absolutely LOVE your clutches! I'm personally more of a big bag type of girl, but recently I've been dying for a gorgeous clutch and yours are amazing!!!