CHLOE_BABE needs to be BANNED!

  1. As she is killing my bank balance!

    Yet again she has come up trumps and kept me up with my Bracelet Bag addiction (see previous thread about "the hunt has paid off" by finding this new baby for me!

    Here is my 3rd addition to the family. That is 3 Bracelets within a space of a month. Please tell me how I get help as the addiction is not stopping and CHloe Babe needs to stop finding them for me!!! Hee hee. So new one this week is the yellow beaded and the pics are with my burgandy and silver one from 2 weeks ago and my orignal gold one that I received as my dream Xmas pressie!


    Help me STOP!
  2. HeHeHe! :lol:

    I thought you were serious for a moment! :biggrin:

    chloe-babe - please leave the poor girl alone and stop being a Chloe pusher! Can't you see she's an addict?!! :lol:

    Congrats on the new arrival, BTW, secret! :biggrin:
  3. ^^^^^ LOLOLOL

    Congrats Secret!!!! :yahoo:
  4. You guys are too cute and those bags are TDF!!!!
  5. WOW :heart:

    They look amazing together

    I dont know how you are going to be able to stop when they look this good :nuts:

    you are so lucky, you are gathering an amazing collection together already! :biggrin:
  6. Oh my!!! I love the yellow one, it's absolutely gorgeous!!!!
  7. LOL...:nuts:

    Loving the latest addition, secret!:heart:
  8. Thanks guys.

    Yes I am covering my eyes and ears with Chloe Babe from now on - well at least for 5 mins!!!

    Really appreciate you hunting them down for me Chloe Babe - you are a true star!
  9. Wow! Very nice!
  10. LOL. I thought you were serious too.
    The bags look stunning together, congrats Secrets. Chloe-Babe rocks!
  11. hehe,I thought this was serious too! Glad it wasn't. I love all your Bracelet bags secret, and each one keeps striking me as more gorgeous than the last!
  12. aw Thanks Yves - there may be more on the way!!

  13. When I saw this I was like WTH?!?!

    But yeah, Chloe-Babe has helped me do some damage to my credit cards too!! :push::graucho::p:heart:

    I think she should buy us all cocktails to help ease the pain of owning so many Chloes!!! :party:
  14. lol! I actually thought she did something bad! lol! Those are so beautiful! They go well together, just stunning!
  15. Yikes! The title to this one scared me, as well.:shocked: I was trying to figure out what on earth chloe_babe could have done ? :wondering Lol, if secret doesn't want you finding bags for her, feel free to work on my wish list!;) Nice bag; now you have triplets.