Chloe Zippy Bouler in Medium and Large

  1. Hi all. Here are comparisons of the medium and large zippy bouler bags. Both bags are "noir", but the large is much more gray than the medium. The large was purchased through NM and the medium through Henri Bendel.
    Chloe New 005.jpg Chloe New 004.jpg Chloe Large Bouler Double Zipper 008.jpg Chloe New 002.jpg Chloe New 008.jpg
  2. Hey SoCal! LOL... here's what I just wrote on TFS:

    I happened to have my black Bowler with me today so I just looked at my tag (which I keep in the pocket, lol) and it does indeed say Noir. My bag is from 05. When the 06 bags came in, I remember a NM S/A showing me what was called "the new black" and it was like a faded black. That bag was called Noir also... and then we have the color that Roey has, which has a lot of blue to it, and is also called Noir (which is probably the one you have, I can't tell if there's blue in it or not). OI!


    My black is bllllack like your Henri Bendel one.
  3. The more important question.... are you looking for votes or keeping both? :nuts: :biggrin:
  4. The "noir" issue is quite confusing!

    BTW, here are pics of the large bouler in whiskey and blanc.
    Chloe Large Bouler Double Zipper 009.jpg Chloe Large Bouler Double Zipper 007.jpg Chloe Large Bouler Double Zipper 002.jpg
  5. SoCal, is the large just longer than the medium, or is it taller too? These are really cute. Love the medium in the black/noir. Do you use the zippy base for anything? Thanks for posting pics!
  6. OMG Daisy...I am even worse than the first set of pics imply... (I have Chloe bags everywhere right now...have to make some difficult decisions...)
  7. It looks like you could open your own boutique! :nuts:

    I'm just throwing this out there... I would keep the large Blanc, the medium Noir (HB), and the Whiskey Pocket Tote.

  8. Approximate measurements:

    Large zippy
    18" long
    9" high
    5" deep

    Medium zippy
    14.5" long
    8" high
    5" deep

    Both can be worn on the arm or the shoulder (light coat).
  9. Okay, absolute confession...I purchased the medium black pocket paddy yesterday and am "inspecting" a whiskey shopping tote as well... (Would wear shopping tote on shoulder, but easier to take photo on arm.) :shame:
    Chloe New 007.jpg Chloe New 013.jpg Chloe New 015.jpg Chloe New 018.jpg
  10. I think I like the proportions of the medium. A tad on the small side, but I need more square than long (ended up sending my Paddy back...waiting for the new big pocket Paddy to arrive), so this might be more to my scale. I see the difference in the pics now...the "doorknob" pics are closer on the smaller bag which is why they looked the same.

    You do have a lot of Chloe bags! Would love to see a pic of your WHOLE Chloe family.
  11. Okay, so here are the "cousins"... Chocolate python silverado, chocolate Molly, and chocolate Betty (Betty will soon be going to either sister or ebay...).
    Balenciaga Bordeaux 012.jpg Chloe Molly Chocolate 002.jpg Chloe Betty 002.jpg
  12. Socal-I am soooooo confused -the 4 pics posted together-are the last 2 pics the shopping tote I just ordered????(whiskey) or is it a diff size!!!
  13. nm!
  14. Last two pics are of the same bag. The colors appear different due to flash and lighting conditions in different rooms.
  15. have the pocket bag!!! I ordered the big pocket bag from LVR on Wednesday and am waiting for it to arrive! LOVE yours! How wide is it?