Chloe, YSL, Fendi now on

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  1. The site seems to have launched the "couture" collection at last.

    There's tons of lovely styles, including my beloved Balenciaga, but the prices are really not so cool. $250 a month seems pretty steep for a bag you're never going to see again. What do you guys think?

    But the pics do make my mouth water... :love:
  2. Some of the styles they have on there now...

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  3. I guess if you tire quickly of a style it might be a good deal. It is a rather high monthly fee considering you'd have to pack and return it before you could receive another. Wonder what condition these bags come back in after multiple uses by different people? I imagine some come back in shabby shape since people tend to be less careful with things they don't own. It is, however, a novel concept for bag chameleons. For me personally, I would rather buy since returning a bag I loved would bring me near tears.
  4. I think it is really stupid, personally. It is like renting an apartment - you are just throwing away money without investing in anything! That being said, I live in Manhattan and throw away a ridiculous amount on rent each month. But for a bag? Just save up for four months and buy it! Just my two cents.
  5. I used to work in luxury goods (very high end watches) and we had a few customers who were repeat buyers-and-returners. With really high end stuff, no one expects you to be wearing/carrying it all the time. These guys would wear an expensive watch once or twice, get the reputation for having a collection and then return the watch. Everyone sorta figured they owned dozens when, in fact, they owned nothing. Sorta puts a bad taste in my mouth when its comes to Bag, Borrow or Steal.
  6. well i suppose bag borrow or steal is better than spending 250 on a fake! people who want the real deal and don't want to spend 1000+ for it since they are only into the new IT or TREND, should go to this site. I approve!

    of course i'd never throw my money away like that, it is like renting.

    it's good for the people who don't want to spend the money and it's better than getting a fake.

    what do you guys think?
  7. I rented my wedding dress. Seriously! I paid $500 for the dress, alterations and headpiece. I got to wear a designer dress that would have cost thousands of dollars, and didn't have to deal with storing it or reselling it. We paid for our wedding ourselves, and this was one of the best bargains around.

    That said, I don't know if I'd rent a handbag. You can buy a pretty nice bag for what it would cost you to rent one for three months. A bag isn't something most of us use only once, like a wedding dress. I also don't think leasing cars makes good financial sense, but that's just me. If you're the type of person who has to have the latest "it" bag, and tires of your bags quickly, I can see the allure.
  8. I wish when I had bought my Omega watch last winter the store that I bought it from had this policy. I had originally bought the smaller faced one, and once I got it home, realized it was too small for my hand size. They had taken two links out of it, but I had them in the box. I called them right back to see if I could exchange (not even return it!) for the larger first they said absolutely I went into the store personally. After not backing down, they called their Omega rep and she ok'd it. :suspiciou
  9. I personally wouldn't use this service, but I guess its okay if the person doesn't get attached, I get attached :biggrin:
  10. That wouldn't work for me either. I dislike renting. Goodness you guys are giving me an education; I didn't know that site was out there.
  11. I actually think I would get a little too attached too! I just HATe giving things back.

    But I think the idea of that site is great... especially if you have a few events a month you would love a different bag for!
  12. I think that it would be nice to borrow bags that you would just use once just for a party like clutches or for trendy bags but for couture bags I'd rather buy.:heart:
  13. When I first heard about BBoS several months ago, I thought "what a great concept!" It didn't appeal to me, personally, but I could see the allure. But then one day I actually went onto the site and when I saw their rates I almost fell over :wtf:! I think it's kinda like the guy who rents to super expensive sports car for the weekend -- I don't know, but I definitely don't get it! I can't imagine looking at my cc bill at the end of the year (at which time you'd have spent $3,000 at BBoS!!!) and not having anything to show for it :shrugs:
  14. I rented a couple of bags from a similar company based in Spain a year ago and I quite liked it... I carried the bags for a week in order to decide whether to get them on ebay and they werent that expensive... I rented a Gucci for about 60 Euros/week and a beautiful Loewe for 30 Euros/week... Both purses were in mint condition. I was also given a Chloe Bay for a week for free and I liked it so much that I just got myself a brand new one from Luisa Via Roma...
    Having said that, I now prefer to save and purchase the bags I like...
  15. I'm a terrible borrower, I don't even like borrowing books from the library. There is no way I could use a bag comfortably if I knew I had to return it. But I do understand the appeal, especially if u want to trial a bag.