Chloe Woody Small Raffia Bucket Bag

Dec 3, 2020
Hey guys! This is my first time posting in the Chloe forum and I've never actually been interested in anything for Chloe previously (I have a masculine/refined style which is literally the opposite of Chloe lol). BUT I was flipping through Saks's mailed catalogue and my heart skipped a beat when I saw this little Chloe bag. I'M OBSESSED! I think it's the perfect raffia summer bag. It's new this coming season and doesn't seem to be talked about anywhere and the only store that has it is Neiman's for preorder. Says it'll ship latest by May.

I did call the Chloe store here in NYC and they said they'll be getting it in the next couple of weeks and they're going to send me photos of the bag once they have them. I'm so excited! It's been many months since my heart fluttered over a new bag. Also I'm shocked at Chloe's extremely reasonable price points for a designer brand (this bag is $570!). Refreshing compared to all of the other brands notorious for price increases :eek: