Chloe' Wislist / Inventory

  1. I'd like to read us list our wishlist for Chloe' and the bags we have now. (Feel free to post pictures of the bags you want, or even have.)

    I have Regular Medium Paddington in Chocolate

    I want a Regular Medium Paddington, from a newer season, in Mousse

    A Paddington Hobo in Grey

    And a Baby Paddy in Nutmeg
  2. I have a fair few ;)

    My next Chloe to add to my collection will be the quilted bay in white.

    V much looking forward to getting one of these babies lol
  3. Inventory - Silverado in Hazelnut, Paddy in Bleu Nuit

    I'd love to get a grenat loaf, python silverado (in brown, or that cream/natural one a la Lindsay Lohan) and 2005 paddy medium satchel in khaki or tan.
  4. QUILTED BAY???!!! :drool:

    Do you have a photo or a link??!!
  5. Omgosh, I totally forgot about all other Chloes besides Paddies for my wishlist and there ARE DEFinitely some I want!
    • Regular Medium Paddington, from a newer season, in Mousse
    • Paddington Hobo in Grey
    • Baby Paddy in Nutmeg
    • Edith Large Satchel (the one east/west, no pockets)
    • Silver Silverado
  6. for once, nothing on my wishlist!!!! :yahoo:

    My inventory:
    - Grenat Loaf
    - Tan Loaf
    - Sable Paddington Satchel
    - Cognac Python Silverado
    - Brown Bracelet bag (my avatar)
    - A/W 06 medium Black betty
    - *Blue Nuit Satchel**** coming in 2 weeks!
  7. My Inventory:
    Chocolate Medium Paddy
    Black Patent Large Betty
    Black Large Silverado Tote
    Whiskey Edith Loaf
    Whiskey Edith Clutch Wallet

    I think I'm good for now :p Got too many lately.
  8. Believe it or not I think I am good too. The only one I might consider is the large paddington satchel in black. Next I want a Balenciaga bag!
  9. I have the paddington in Jaune and i'm expecting the hobo in my most sought after color - grenat :smile:

    I'm good to go!
  10. I have almost every bag except Tracy & Gladys and the new 2007 bags. Now that the after christmas sales are on, I'm buying boots- probably too many boots :smile:

    Waiting for a Burgundy Chain Betty from Kirna Zabete- I think it'll arrive next monday. I received the gold dusted python silverado Dr's bag from NM and was pretty disappointed- it reminded me of a crinkled up brown paper bag with whipstitching and gold glitter. I know the python betty looked so much better in the store- maybe I just got a bad one. It sort of put me off python.
  11. My inventory:

    Medium paddington in:

    On my wishlist I have a taupe zippy and a python silverrado in cognac or chocolate. A quilted bay or a Betty in metallic python would also be a welcome addition.

    Non-Chloés will have to be a balanciaga or a little something from chanel:yes:
  12. Bags:

    Khaki Medium Satchel Paddy from 05
    Tan Medium Satchel Paddy from 05
    Gris-Vert Large Zippy Paddy from 06
    Ivoire Edith Shopper
    Muscade Medium Edith
    Solid Chocolate Large Tracy


    Noir Large C-Buckle Paddy Wallet
    Gris-Vert Large C-Buckly Paddy Wallet
    Bleu-Nuit Small Padlock Paddy Wallet
    Chocolate Patsy Long Zip Wallet

    On my wishlist:

    Still the never ending search for that LARGE Solid Whiskey Tracy in the Fall Collection. Picture in the Chloé website.
    Also want the Edith Long Wallet at the Aloha Rag website. I saw this at the Saks in Beverly Hills but couldn't bring myself to pay full price for it.
  13. I have now only black Betty hobo,

    I'd like to get: Paddy Satchel sable (or any cream-colored) and Paddy regular Satchel tan or whiskey.

    Well, I'd love also to get a python whiskey Silverado, but afraid that's beyond my means!
  14. I have: -

    Regular Paddy in Brun
    Regular Paddy in Creme
    Regular Paddy in Mousse
    Regular Paddy in Black
    Python Silverado in Chocolate
    Medium Betty in Chocolate

    I would like the new patchwork bag in Tan :love: