Chloe Whiskey Shopper $408 NM.COM HURRY!!!!

  1. They just uploaded a lot of new bags....get it quick!!!
  2. Gone.
  3. Whoa...that was QUICK - i'm on a (sort of) purse ban but i think i would have stretched to one at that price!:nuts:
  4. It is actually comical how quickly these bags are going. Since I am really DONE, I can now root for all of you to get some of these great deals :yahoo:
  5. Didn't even see it. It was gone in less than 60 seconds
  6. Thought I had it, I checked out, paid and went back in to check on status and it was cancelled. Happened twice, once with the ivory and second time with whiskey, all in a matter of 15 minutes, both had popped up. Oh well, that's the way it is on that web site, you just never know......
  7. same thing just happened to me with the ascot....had it in my bag, started to check out....GONE!!!!!:crybaby:
  8. Now there's no trace of any Chloe bags:shrugs: that was crazy. Glad I got on when I did.
    However, it does make me wonder what I've missed in the couple of minutes when I'm not online:confused1:
  9. does anyone get the bag? posting a pic, I really want to see.
  10. Neimans had it for 60% off...why is BG more expensive??
  11. Bergdorfs had the large chocolate tracy earlier for $660. How fast those chloes come and go:wtf:
  12. That's insane how quickly they go!
  13. ...these prices are insane, nothing like that ever happens in France.
    :crybaby: I am so jelous....!
  14. I said this on an earlier thread, so forgive my redundancy. :yes:

    When I called NM about this issue last week (things disappearing from the cart, orders getting cancelled etc), I was told that sometimes these bags were never in stock to begin with. :cursing: I had a pewter Betty purchased and (I thought) paid for, but then it auto-cancelled - I was so sad. :crybaby:

    I'm not sure what makes these bags pop up on the website as available, but it's not always someone else buying it, if it makes anyone feel better. Especially when something disappears in 60 seconds like that. Their website has "issues." Nothing's a done deal until it ships, IMHO.

    Just wanted to help offer an explanation. I don't get it either. :shrugs: