Chloe whiskey paddington on Bluefly...

  1. I saw the Chloe Paddington in dark brown/chocolat on Bluefly last week and grabbed it for $1200!

    Much to my disappointment, it is a fake:
    1) no serial number
    2) poor quality interior fabric
    3) poor quality plastic zipper
    4) funky 'e' on the Chloe stamp on the padlock

    BEWARE BLUEFLY!!! :sad:
  2. What's going on with Bluefly these days???:shocked: This is so BAAAAD.
  3. holy crap. bluefly and all these fakes!!!! this is extremely disappointing.

    after my issue with the bronze bbag, I'm never buying from bluefly again
  4. they are selling more fakes?! ugh!!! thats digusting
  5. OOOOO----MYYYYY-------------!!!!!!

    this whiskey is soooooooo fake.

    Truly sad =/

    this bag is all wrong.

    I opened the link, I didnt even bother with looking at the descriptions... the picture of the leather said it all.... FAKE!
  6. Do you think it's because someone pulled the switcheroo with Bluefly (bought the real bag then returned a fake)?
  7. ^^^ I wish that were true but it seems like they've been selling quite a few fakes in recent months. First Balenciagas and now Chloes. I think they're getting duped by their suppliers.:devil: Bad bad bad.
  8. So it looks like Bluefly pulled all of their Chloe bags today!!
    Check out the site: the two saddle type bags that have been
    there forever are gone, as are the silverados that kept popping
    up from time to time.

    I spent a good deal of time on the phone with them today.
    They are having me send my fake to their NY hq office instead
    of their regular returns department.

    Hopefully they will stop selling fake bags now!!
  9. I just saw a Bronze Paddington there that I rather like. What issues did you have with them? Do you guys think the Bronze is a Fake too?
  10. I'm no expert on Chloe but that looks like a fake.

    I bought a bronze balenciaga a couple months ago and it turned out to be a fake. They sucked in the customer service dept., sent out the same general email to all PF members who complained, and continued to sell fakes!!
  11. Thanks for the heads-up, hmwe46 & mello_yello_jen! :smile: Bluefly used to be okay, but now I don't know what's happening anymore! I'll just stick with the usual retail/on-line stores like NM, Saks, Netporter...etc.
  12. If you want more information that documents the fakes that Bluefly is selling you can look at the Balenciaga threads. Five of us received fake bags and Bluefly would not even apologize to us.
  13. I received a Chloe that is probably fake. I can' t believe that they were so unresponsive to the complaints about the Balenciaga's and it looks like they are continuing to sell fakes. Their defensive attitude makes me think they know exactly what they are doing. Someone needs to investigate them!
  14. $1200 for a fake??? CRAZY! :shocked: I would be furious!:mad: