Chloe wedges that i just have to have!!!!

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  1. Hey everyone I have been hunting high and low for last seasons ss06 wedges or platforms. They are either in the platform style or a wedge heel and i dont mind either!
    They are the dolly round toe ones with cutout detail on the toe. I was just wondering if any wonderful pfer has seen any in my size in any outlet stores or consignment shops or any stores basically! I am a uk size 4.5 or maybe a uk 4 at a push! which is a us size 37 or 37.5 or an italian 37/37.5.
    I dont even mind what colour they are i just have to have them! Thanks girls!


  2. Ohhhhh, you have it bad. I totally understand. I know I saw these on eBay. Keep looking because your size pops up on that venue.:yes: