Chloe Wedge Score!!

  1. I bought these at the one day Saks sale online. I had to return the 39's and go .5 size higher and they fit beautifully.

    I'm amazed how well they go with different outfits, especially skinny jeans?

    LL in Georgia Rules was clomping around in them too (actually a whole array of Chloe wedges)!

    Click on image to zoom.
    Click and drag to pan.Shown in TMORO

  2. dont see anything.
  3. eekz! i can't see anything either!
  4. very pretty-congrats
  5. I love all the Chloe wedges. I have the Mary Jane ones from last summer in black. TBH mine are about a half size too big but I still love them
  6. oooh that leather looks soo soft and scrummy.

    congrats, your Chloe love affair is definitely not over ;)
  7. nice shoes!
  8. oooh, nice! they look very comfortable to wear!

  9. No unfortunately it is NOT. But that's a good thing right?:shrugs:
  10. I tried those on and I had to go up a whole size. They still didn't feel right. I have a high arch so it was very snug across the foot.

  11. Hey I was prepared to go a whole size higher since my MB sandals are a 40. Also I was disappointed that they fit, I needed to justify this:push: expensive return.

    But darn the luck:graucho: they worked out too well, so I guess I'll have to keep them!

    Did you find any other Chloe sandals?