Chloe Wedge s/s09 size 39 to 40 anywhere?????

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  1. Regarding my mistake on my last threat, just wondering if it is still possible to find this?

    If not, then I will have to buy the wedge from this season instead. oh one more thing, I wonder about how do they count the season, like when is the start and the end of s/s 10? when is the start of the next season? and the collection available now is s/s10, correct?

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  2. have loads of this style in at the moment, though I don't think in your specific colour/size, though they do have 39s in other colours.

    Search for 'chloe shoes' in the search box at the top right, opting for 'both seasons' in the drop down box, to find all the listings.
  3. Yeah, I have looked in Yoox. The only 39 left is in pink, which I have to think about (my wardrobe don't go much w/ pink). Thanks
  4. Oh i forgot to mention that also has a pair in blue, size 39 or 39.5
  5. Thanks, rubylola. I have made an order with size 39.5 but now I'm wondering if 39.5 in their website means a 39.5 in Chloe size????

    Because I tried a 39 and 40 in Chloe wedge yesterday and I think a 39.5 Chloe size will be perfect for me.
  6. Hi Biwsuke,

    I am sure the 39.5 will be perfect and the sizing will be as marked on the shoe on theoutnet.

    So it will be the Choe size 39.5. I'm not sure whether that is French or Italian, and until I just looked on the outnet website I didn't realise France and Italy sized shoes differently- that has me confused now!!!

    But if you tried them on marked Chloe 39 and 40, the pair you have ordered will be Chloe 39.5 and will fall between the two sizes.

    Hope you love them- I have these exact shoes and they are lovely (and pretty comfortable too!!).

    Rubylola x
  7. Thank you, rubylola. You have made me relief!

    Just have to wait for them, I guess!