Chloe Wallets

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  1. I am smitten with Chloe wallets - but I can't see one IRL. I am considering purchasing a zip around style.

    If you have a Chloe wallet - what do you think of it? All pics very welcome!

  2. I love mine. It is a crinkly patent French style with a tiny padlock that perfectly matches my patent Paddy dome bag. Next time I might get the larger style since my wallets are all jammed packed with stuff.
  3. I have the 'c' wallet (I think that's the correct name) and the Edith, along with an Edith clutch/cosmetic bag--here are the pics
    Chloe Bags 013.jpg
  4. i hate mine ... just bought an MJ to replace it. Its so pretty but its just too large. I like my wallets small and compact (like a bit bigger than credit card size). Mine is a silver paddington style (with the 'c' on it but a more square shape) I might have to sell it on ebay soon.
  5. I have a zip around paddy wallet and love it. I don't have pics but I will try and take some to post up for you
  6. Hi ~

    Here is my Large Buckle Wallet in Vermillion :heart:

    and also a shot with the Vermillion Paddy, and Mini Vermillion Key Chain...:graucho:

    My First Chloe Bag and Accessiories..... Love Them :love:

    Kitty :flowers:
    Vermillion Large Buckle Wallet.jpg Vermillion Paddy, Wallet and Key Chain.jpg
  7. heres my argent silver wallet i love it
    choco and tan.JPG
  8. Here are my Edith and Bay wallets - I :heart: both of them. The Bay wallet is new and I think the styling and tiny Bay style zippers are very chic. I've had the Edith wallet for about a year and it's just got better & better with age/use (the leather has softened up beautifully).
    edith purse.jpg bay wallet.jpg
  9. Lovely team!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  10. thats the wallet i have! dont you find it too big and bulky? or is it just me? :shame:

    by the way ... i have a tan paddy too! we have similar items ...