Chloe Wallets

  1. Does NMLC ever carry Chloe wallets?? I am looking for a continental/slim envelope wallet. I want a color that would look good with my new Patent Red Betty. Any suggestions?? There is no where near me that carries Chloe & I haven't seen anything online that I like. Thanks in advance for any help.:smile:
  2. Congrats on your new red patent Betty. Chloe does have wallets, I believe there is a patent one from a previous season that matches your Betty. Since it is probably discontinued, you may have luck at NMLC, Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack, etc. or e-bay.
    I have two Chloe wallets, a whiskey 'C' style, and a black Edith. Everything Chloe does is great.
  3. Thank you! And if anyone sees a good deal on a wallet while out shopping, please let me know! Thanks in advance..
  4. Your best bet for wallets is I have bought many Chloe wallets from them and never have had a problem. They give dimensions and the prices are not bad:smile::tup:
  5. Bloomindales has wallets on sale 30% off!!!
  6. NAP has this Elvire patent wallet on sale that I think would look lovely with the red patent Betty. I love the red patent Betty! Congrats!
  7. Thanks girls! I did see a patent Heloise on Aloha Rag that I was considering. I just don't know if I should spend the $$$ right now. I am using my white leather Coach wallet right now & I guess it looks ok with my bag. If I find a great deal on a wallet, I will probably jump on it!
  8. let me know if you find anything...Ireally want a wallet too but it has to be a great deal!
  9. Man these wallets take the breath out of your lungs, their prices are BIG. I keep thinking, "I can almost buy a purse (or boots) with that money"....maybe even a big screen TV, LOL!

    I'm sticking with Coach, they're made well plus they last and last. This is my supreme effort in conserving funds and it's killing me!
  10. Oh I know exactly what you mean...hence no chloe wallets till now!
    I have a great Micheal by Micheal Kors one and its just fine!
  11. Coach makes gorgeous wallets...I think the guy that designed for Marc Jacobs is designing theirs now...I have tons of Marc Jacobs wallets too, (I like the larger long one with the two little metal tabs on the outside, I think it's called the "double clutch" or something like that) and I alternate with the Chloe wallets. I've bought most of my Chloe wallets on or bluefly...but you have to be careful now...some of the wallets are being made in "moldavia" and you have to check out the quality. :tup:
  12. Chloe boutique now has their wallets at 50% off!!!! So you can get two for the price of one.
  13. I found the pantent Elvire I want at the boutique but I wonder a patent wallet would be like?
  14. I bought the gold Betty wallet. Got it from Harrods. Its not the long style but the shorter style. But its a nice weighty wallet even without the cash and cards in it. Everyone admires oit till they ask where i got it and how much did it cost,lol! Its a stunner and i will be keeping it for a while longer. Just need to find a Noir to go with all my black Chloe totes i have.