Chloe wallet

  1. Hi everyone...

    how much credit cards can you put into the Large chloe paddington wallet? Not so much or?

    Can u help? Where can I find pic from inside?

    In which wallet you can put lots of cards?

    Best wishes
  2. Roz is so great at getting the wallets, and everything else as well. She just got the large red wallet for me with the little lock, (not the one with the flap, that one is a bit bulky) and I'm waiting to see if she can locate the cannelle in the same style. They hold 12 credit cards, six on each side. I use the paddington coin purse, (comes in black and in the white) on for extra cards, (not necessarily credit cards, but other cards you might need). I bought it in the black, but the white is nice if you don't mind that it is a light color!:wlae:
    I switch off with the Marc Jacobs "double clutch" wallets which I have always liked as well. They come in so many colors and they are fun to collect as well. I have most of the Chloe wallets from '05 and '06 and I am addicted to them as much as to the Chloe handbags! :nuts:
  3. The c-buckle wallet holds alot as well. I can fit my checkbook and twelve credit cards inside.