Chloe wallet sale - NAP

  1. Those paddy wallets are great layney. I have three rouge, roche, and now brun(just got it from nap). They fit everything inside and still close easily. Now I want to get the muscat one at NM but It needs to be on sale so I can justify yet another purchase:shame:.
    When Is the green stepsister arriving I want to see pics. Also did you find the jade c-buckle wallet?

  2. I love this style wallet (not sure about the c-buckle style) but I just need to stop spending on bags and just help everyone else with their searches. I get a vicarious thrill doing that, y'know? According to my phone conversation w/ Overstock yesterday, my chloe family's green stepsis should be here in 5-10 days *AAACCCKKK!!!*
  3. Thanks for the links, I have 2 bags a wallet should fit in nicely!
  4. Spoke to soon, its for US customers, I suppose UK customers will be given whatever is left!Lol!
  5. Sammy joe- sorry about that!