Chloe' vs. MJ ver. tote (sorry, both my luvs!)

  1. Should I buy this?

    by Chloe' over $1,300 on sale (going, going)


    by Marc Jacobs - nearly $1,200 (probably going, going too, can't find this colour)

    I've been lusting after the MJ for months. But the Chloe' is just as gorgeous.

    I soo want to get both :graucho:, but getting one means I already have to postpone the Edith I want. Perhaps if I throw my most expensive bags I want to sell all up on eBay this weekend... :s

    Where should I go about finding a Whiskey Marc Jacobs North/South Tote? Could I ask Neiman Marcus?

    With all these expensive bags and me raising my budget - ha ha it's ALL in the eye of the lust! - I now also want to buy RETAIL a Stam, lol. That's definitely with credit to pay off next month. Har. (If I even buy it this month - or Feb. that is.) The Stam can definitely wait, so don't worry on that.

    Oh what to do I want them. :nuts: (Does calculating in her head.) :idea:
  2. Weeeeeellllllllllllll the Chloe' would be a great Spring bag as I LOVE python for Spring. OH it's NOT Python, it's Anaconda. Awesome. Well, I love skins for Spring, lol.
  3. My pick is for the Chloe all the way! Great looking bag. Sorry, I'm not a huge fan of MJ especially the ones that have their signature buckle thing.
  4. I vote for Chloe this time :yes:
  5. I'm really leaning toward both - lol. I THINK I can swing all the bags I want (well not all) by the end of Feb. :p

    But if it were one - I'm actually leaning toward the MJ. Although I'd still get the Chloe' anyway, because I think I can more easily find the MJ after the Silverado is gone. :shrugs:
  6. chloe
  7. I like the quilted look of the MJ more but that is just IMO :smile:
  8. I vote for Chloe :biggrin:
  9. Chloe, definitely
  10. I definitely vote for MJ... I have that bag.. it is sooo pretty in person..
    I am not too into the Snake skin type of bag so that Chloe is not my style..
  11. I don't think they are making that particular MJ anymore, so I would go for the MJ esp. if the Chloe is a current Spring bag.
  12. may i ask what draws you to those two bags?
  13. I don't really care for either. The color just gets me, but if I had to choose, definetley the chloe.
  14. MJ all the way, though, if you can get both, then both!
  15. The chloe bag is hot!!