Chloe vs LV? Girls I really need your help!

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  1. Ok here's the deal. I have a tan Paddy that I don't use or really like much. I have a girl interested that wants to trade for her sable Paddy. I love the color pink but am wondering if I'll even like the bag - It's beautiful with the gold padlock and all, BUT I have a girl that wants to BUY my tan Paddy too for $1000. I have to make a decision today :cry:

    I have been wanting LVs a lot lately but is it wise to let the sable Paddy go since it's so rare? Or should I sell the tan Paddy and use the $ for LVs I'm interested in? Seems like LVs resell so well on ebay whereas Paddys just don't unless they are brand new with receipt (which I don't have, and if I get the sable that doesn't have a receipt either).

    So confused. What do you girls think? somebody help me lol.

    tHANKS :nuts:
  2. I say move onto the LV. Only b/c you said you don't use the Chloe nor like it that much. Changing the color of it might excite you for a few days but you might end up w/the same feeling. I had kept some of my bags that I rarely use or didn't have the LOVE for for few years and finally realized I needed to sell them off. I did and ended up getting few nice new bags that I enjoy way more. If you have any specific LVs you'd been eyeing on, I say go for it!
  3. Ditto to what bell1 posted. Changing colors won't be enough to renew the love for a particular style so if LV is what you're drooling over, I'd lean in that direction. Just my opinion.

  4. It sounds as though you really do want to make the move. Do what feels right for you!
  5. ditto- go for the LV!
  6. i drooled all over the paddy for so long. and when it came time to buy a bag, i went for an LV speedy, b/c it's just a classic and i knew that in a year, i would still love it, and i wouldn't feel as if it was "over" and that i could beat it up a bit, and not feel so bad.

    that said, i still long for a paddy every day.
  7. Thanks everyone!!!

    Kahk3000, have you seen the paddy in person? Probably if you haven't maybe that's why you long for it. But maybe it wouldn't even be you after all. You went with your gut instinct for an investment LV. It's a hard decision! I am still debating but really leaning towards LV just because I have the paddy and am not thrilled with it. It seems to look great on everyone else, but on me it just doesn't seem to work. I'm not sure if like that whole unstructured look, maybe that's it. Yet the one that I own is very structured since it's made of different leather and I don't like that one either lol. I guess me and Paddys don't get along?!?
  8. Seems like you want the LV more. Go for LV. Are you OK to sell for $1000. Seems a little low. Maybe you can get a couple hundred more since it retails around $1500.
  9. I agree w/ addicted...maybe you could see your Paddy for a little more or for at least a little under what you paid for it since it's used but still in impeccable condition. Then....go for an LV! You can't go wrong w/ an LV and trust me, they last a lifetime, literally. They're very classy and won't go out of style.
  10. Sounds like you're leaning more on LV. Let us know what you decide.
  11. I agree with everyone here. Sounds like you're set on LV. I would try to get more for your paddy and I think you should be able to, as long as it is or close to mint condition.
  12. The Paddy wasn't "me" either, as it turned out. I am going to try another of the new pocket front bags that is more square. If it's the color that bothers you, the new one might work, but it sounds like it is more the shape/style. Sell it and buy the LV...go with what you love!
  13. i like chloe a lot more than lv's and really do like the paddington style. but it sounds like you like lv more, as everyone else has said.
  14. It does sound like you are leaning towards the LV. I also agree with other people that you should see if you can get a bit more money out of the Paddy if you decide to sell it. Please let us know what you decide!