Chloe vs. Balenciaga???


Aug 21, 2006
Los Angeles
I recently posted a thread in the Balenciaga forum about the differences between the two bags, mainly focusing on the durability of BBags vs. Paddys. As most of you know I fell in love with Paddy's this year and especially due to the amazing leather and style of the bag.:love: After curiously visiting other forums and reading all about BBag addiction & "the Dark Side", I recently purchased a BBag in the City style. My new BBag is SO lovely and a gorgeous Lilac color, but I immmediately felt the thin leather was so delicate and I've been afraid to use it.:sad: I questioned the durability and quality of the leather, being that BBags & Paddys are in the similar price range. Due to several requests by BBag girls to post this same thread in the Chloe forum, I'm now posting here and would love to hear all your experiences and comments between the two bags!:smile: Here is the original thread if anyone wants to read it:


Jul 1, 2006
I own several Chloe bags (Edith, Betty, 3 Silverados, and 3 Paddys). I love them because the leather is so nice and thick, the hardware looks so rich, and they really don't show wear and tear.

I wanted to like Balenciaga, I really did. I'd always see pictures of B bags and love the way they looked, and the colors they came in. I went to my Neiman Marcus to check them out. I was shocked by how thin the leather was, and in all honesty, I did not like the hardware either. To me the bag felt thin and too lightweight.

I never bought a B bag, so I honestly cannot say how durable they really are. I do love the look and colors of them, but they were not for me. I think if their leather was thicker, and hardware more luxe, I would have bought a few.

It's all a matter of taste and what you prefer. I don't really think one bag is better than another, it's just what you prefer!


Jan 18, 2006
I own both, and can tell you that both are incredibly durable!

Balenciaga is super lightweight and thin, but the more you wear it the more supple and fabulous it becomes. It is the perfect bag for running errands and for a funky look. So please, by all means, use that bag- you will not regret it! And one thing that Balenciaga is known for is the wonderful array of colors they use. I swear, the colors are incredible! They are absolutely worth every penny- and that is part of the reason why they usually retain their value so well.

Chloe- the leather is supple, luxurious, thick and durable. I swear I have dragged my paddy through everything, and it is still as soft and beautiful as the day I bought her. I am just a huge fan of Chloe! The colors are wonderful as well, but more neutral. And I have to tell you that no one does Chocolate like Chloe- it is beautiful!


Nov 10, 2005
As I responded on ur post in the balenciaga forum, I love both bbags and Chloe! I'll be a bit more specific on this post...

I fell in love w/ bbags first and then recently w/Chloes and I love them for different reasons:

I love that bbags do feel somewhat delicate and are lightweight and come in irresistable colors and many styles w/ the same hardwares that group them together! I also love bbags for the veins, distressed look, and sometimes crinkly goat leather, and how each bag is very unique in its leather.

On the other hand, I love Chloes for their luxurious, thick, gorgeous leathers and their stylistic details that are distinctly Chloe (or Phoebe Philo!)--
such as the locks on paddingtons, the whipstitching and buttons on silverados, and the scrumply-leathered but very simplistic ediths w/contrasting stitching...


Apr 14, 2006
this is interesting, i was always curious about the difference. good to hear that chloes are pretty sturdy, i'm kinda clumsy with my bags. i think i would cry if one broke.


Apr 21, 2006
Both have their merits and I echo everyone's sentiments. I would never trade one for the other.

I tend to beat my bags around and both my bbag and my paddys are holding up well.
My only gripe about the bbags is the color fading with the lighter colors.
I just added a bubblegum pink to my collection and I find myself being more careful with it.

While I ADORE my paddys, as soon as my origan box arrived, I found it to be the one that I ALWAYS reached for because it's so light. But the fact that it's light doesn't mean it's not durable. It absolutely is.
And bbags are understated. Around here, you don't see many, real or fake and whenever I see someone with a real one, I almost feel like she MUST be a PFer or that she's in on the "secret" bbag club.

Chloe leather is what it is and it's pretty much ruined me for leather bags of less quality. I LOVE that the padlock is so clunky and in your face. It's like the polar opposite of the bbag. That's the one I reach for when I'm going out to dinner with friends. It definately makes more of a statement, IMO, and sometimes you want that too.

Edited to add that my box gets folded and stuffed into the glove compartment of my car and it seems to have only made it look BETTER.


Jan 6, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
tough one. i own both and i'd have to say for daily use, it would have to be the balenciaga. b/c it's durable, lightweight, easier to hold & take care of. but...i love chloe for its different designs and love wearing them when i go somewhere nice. i havnt touch my paddy for about a month & a half now but i still love her. so i guess it depends on the situation. i can't pick one or the other even though i own more bbags than chloe bags. :smile:


Jul 23, 2006
I love and have both; I have several paddys and 1 bbag which is perfect for those days when I need a lighter weighted bag, for example when I go to movies paddys are too weighty to hold :biggrin:
I have also noticed bbags are made of very thin leather but it's durable and strong, dont worry:yes: Take yours out and enjoy!


Nov 10, 2005
While I ADORE my paddys, as soon as my origan box arrived, I found it to be the one that I ALWAYS reached for because it's so light.
:nuts: Hi Stratsey! We're bbag twins! I have the origan box too and I love her! :heart: I just used her for the first time a couple of days ago--such a nice size, color, and weight!

sorry to get off, :back2topic:


♥ CL ♥
Aug 28, 2006
I think everyone who has both pretty much share the same general opinion. Both leathers are extraordinary! That is the only reason why I feel both are worth THAT much money. Like, you get a Louis Vuitton bag for like $2,000 - leather is stiff & really structured. Yea it probably has great hardware but what you're ultimately paying for is just the fact that is has LV all over it.

On the other hand, You pay $1100-1700 for either a Bbag or Chloe, and here you got this super useable bag that has leather like you've never felt before. Aside from that, both look trendy as hell! I mean Chloe is more classy and heavy so I wouldn't wear it like I would my Bbag. My Bbag is light but really durable. I think I love them both the same but if I'm trying to find a bag for practical everyday use, I'd go with a Bbag. If I'm trying to look city-girl & classy, I'd get a Chloe.
May 11, 2006
San Francisco
I have both and can't see giving up either brand. I reach for my Balenciaga's when I am going to be doing a lot of walking or traveling because of the light weight. But if I am going out to dinner or working when the weather is bad I go for my Chloe choco paddy. I do love the Chloe leather but also love the Balenciaga weight and colors!


Feb 14, 2006
i absolutely love both and just want to reassure you b bags are definitely durable! they were my diaper bags and survived being stuffed, dragged to playgrounds, hung on the back of strollers, etc...and they really do just get better with use and age! i hope this helps and you can begin enjoying yours soon!


Aug 21, 2006
Los Angeles
I see you really can't choose one or the other, since they're lovely for different reasons. It's nice to have both :nuts: and I'm confident now that the BBag is more durable than I originally thought.:smile: Thanks everyone for all your great points!!! :love:


Nov 2, 2006
For edgy/casual look- B Bag

for classy/casual look- Chloe

am I right?