Chloe VS. Balenciaga

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  1. What's your vote??? :unsure:
  2. Balenciaga!!!!!
  3. Did this thread get posted twice?
  4. ^ I think one's in balenciaga sub forum :biggrin:
  5. Chloe.

    I can't get in the Balenciaga thing. i hate those string things that hang on the bag :wacko:
  6. Funny you say that! My friend says it reminds her of those 80's biker jackets :nuts:

  7. Both, I like Edith and the motorcycle.
  8. Chloe for me. I have one Bal bag and won't be buying another until the leather is changed back to what it was in 2003-2004. I love my black City, even though it spends eternity in the the dustbag. It's like the classic black bag I never, ever use!
  9. I love both. They're so different it's difficult to compare. Each has their individual qualities that appeal to me.
  10. I was the same way. Until I saw the ink. And then carried the ink. It is so soft and light, I fell instantly in I don't know why I didn't get a b-bag sooner! I love my Edith, too, but the b-bag obsession has begun!
  11. Chloe. My favorite is Paddington Satchel.
  12. Waiting for my balenciaga and don't have a chloe yet, so don't know which one I prefer.. although when I saw them at the store, I know I have to get at least one of each....
  13. i totally agree. being a proud bbag owner for over a year and a half, i truly love them. but, there is something special about chloe- maybe the shinny hardware i don't know. love them both! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  14. Well Im kind of on a paddy high right now since I just received one. But I just got another new city also, so I guess Im going to have to say my vote is for my very loved Balenciagas!
  15. i am a die hard bal girl but am thinking of large chamois edith.............
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