Chloe Virgin NO MORE!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I just got my first Chloe paddington, EVER! The seller on eBay happened to be a tpf member, which just made the experience all the more positive! Thanks, Carmen82!!! Here she is, in her new home! P.S. I'll probably sleep with her tonight!:sleepy:

  2. Congrats!!!! She's beautiful and you are definitely going to love her...
  3. Woohoo, Congrats:tup:. Welcome to a beautiful, addictive relationship with Chloe!
  4. well done!
  5. so brave of you to consider buying it from eBay... it's a good thing the seller was a tpf member! i get nervous about buying large items on eBay =/

    Great bag!!:woohoo:
  6. There are some great finds on eBay if you do your homework properly - I bought both my Chloe paddys on eBay last year and was fortunate enough to purchase my first Chloe, a medium paddy in Argent Silver knowing it had been discussed on 'Authenticate This Chloe' thread as being authentic and then subsequently found out that I had bought it from the famous Ms PHOEBE PHILO herself :yahoo:- it has got to my most fav bag of all time especially upon opening the box and the smell of the fabulous leather just hitting me! My second Chloe, was a mini paddy I bought from a fellow tPf member which I found by chance when scrolling through the 'Post ebay/website Chloe finds' and it was the mini anthracite which I passed up at the full retail price in a boutique in May 2006. I managed to get it for nearly half the retail price saving myself money to spend on more Chloes.

  7. Yay, good for you! But may I ask who Phoebe Philo is?
  8. Congrats...thats my absolute favourite paddy style. I have it in Mousse and brun is on the way...
  9. Congrats!! Great find.
  10. Thanks for the pics! I'm sure you will treat her well and love her...good to know she went to a loving home :yes:
  11. She designed the original paddington! She is to be worshipped:girlsigh: for her genius in design. The house of Chloe just has not been the same since she left IMO.....