Chloe Virgin No More!

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  1. Hello!
    After months of lurking and drooling over all of your lovely bags, I finally did it and got my very first Chloe bag!:yahoo:May I present to all of you my modest Quilted Bay Bowler in Cannelle! Even better- she was on sale! I don't officially get her until Christmas- so here's hoping to the next month going by quickly!

    :heart: Erin
  2. OH wow will love her

    I also have the quilted Canelle in the regular stachel and she is gorgoues.
  3. Beautiful, looks great on you, congratulations. Do you really think you won't have an outing 'til after Christmas?
  4. There is nothing modest about THIS baby! It is divine and I love it and it looks so good on you. I say be bad and wear it before Xmas. Life is too short!
  5. This purse really does look fabulous on you and I think the color is divine. Let's hope the month speeds by quicky so you can wear her. Congratulations.
  6. It's a beautiful bag...
    I was luck to get it free for one week from a bag rental company... It is an eye-catcher... I've never felt so many envious glances in the shopping district!
    And so roomy... I was able to fit two pairs of shoes for my toddler which I had just bought and still look fantastic (while not to show how darn heavy the bag was...)
    Have a furtive peek at your purse every now and then...
  7. Thank you all so much for your kind words! Hopefully this (big) baby will be the start to a nice collection! My mom "hid" her until Christmas- but she's going away soon so you know... ...I might have to sneak that girl out!
  8. Congratulations, beautiful bag, looks great on you, love the color. I go with the vote to definitely sneak her out.
  9. omg~ i just got myself a quilted bay bowler as well! in ivory tho~ the canelle is lovely!! i love the colour~ great choice :tup:
    and thanks for posting the pic~ so now i can visualise how good it'll look on me :roflmfao:
  10. Oh my!!! She's an absolute beauty!!!!! Congrats you are one lucky gal!
  11. So gorgeous! :drool: