Chloe Virgin...Just took the plunge...Did I blow it? Please advise

  1. Wow. I just bought a Gray Large Betty from Net-a-porter for $1008 and a Black large Betty for $1345. (For my sis)

    Ladies, did I blow it? I thought I was getting a good dea l but tonight I realize I have NO IDEA! Is what I paid a good deal or is that just not worth it?

    Please advise...I have 24 hours to cancel my order.

    AGGGGHHH I dont know what to do
  2. I think the Betty is beautiful and a great casual bag...pricewise it sounds fine but there are a lot of sales going on so there might be better deals if that's what you are afraid of ?!
  3. You see...I just dont know. I would like to know if I got a good deal on these two bags from Net-a-porters sale or if what I paid is not a good deal. Does anyone on here think the gray and black large betties are worth it? Is the price I purchased for them good?
  4. The price seems a little high compared to all the bags I've seen on sale at this time. Call around to a few Nordies, Neiman Marcus, Saks to see what they are selling for on sale. There are just so many sales to come by to just settle. But have to say, what a nice sis you are for getting one for your sister too!!! and even more money that yours;))
  5. they are great bags and you are such a nice sister! i don't think you'll find the dark grey on sale unless it's at a chloe boutique (which might be worth a call just in case). i love that color and don't remember seeing it at a lot of dept stores. the black you might find elsewhere but if i remember correctly there's no tax with nap so it may even out in the end? also with nap you can return them which is not always the case with sales at smaller shops...
  6. ahh dont be sad. NAP has THE best returns service, so even if you feel you have been hasty (the deals sound good to me), you should atleast see the bags and see how you feel about them, and if you dont then think the deal is great, you can return them no problem.
  7. I seen lots of bettys yesturday at Nordstroms(topanga) and there was also a thread in the chloe shopping forum that had pics of bettys at Nordies in VA. Call around you may be able to get a better deal.
  8. Wow thanks for all the replies. WHat would be a "good deal" on a betty? How much are they usually?
  9. Here's an email I received last month from a Chloe boutique in Bahrain - I think these are Betty's with a chain strap that were on sale Send them an email: and see if they have what you're looking for!

    1. 7SS184-7S408 Gallet, Navy, Moka BD219 = $584
    2. 7SS191-7S498 Moka, Navy, Gallet BD275 = $733

    1. 7SS262-7S461 Blanc BD273 = $728
    2. 7SS262-7S461 Orange BD285 = $760
    3. 7AS261-6A461 Noisette BD285 = $760

    TEL # +973 17 58 78 74
    FAX # +973 17 58 05 70