Chloe U.K sale?

  1. I often see posts onhere about stores in the US having sales on Chloe bags. Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK that does the same? Or does anyone know when the UK Chloe boutique has their sale? (hopefully likely to include bettys and can dream!).
  2. Unfortunately, I think the UK designer sales usually start a bit later than the US ones. :sad:
  3. I asked in Chloe about a sale...think it will be in about 3 more weeks, mid/end of June.

    She said no paddingtons would be on sale, but other bags would be but she could not say what yet. I reckon the gladys will be, and probably some bettys.

  4. Oh good! :biggrin:

    I've been trying my hardest to resist the Gladys 3 Zip shoulder bag in chocolate for a couple of months now! :blink:
  5. I have that in black (did it come in chocolate?) but am going to sell it i think - never used it :sad:
  6. Oooh! Count me in! I might be able to get my black patent betty for a god deal. :lol:
  7. I am sure Bettys and Gladys will be on sale as they still have loads in store

    am going to ask around today - will report back
  8. I dont know when but i know last sale selfidges had loads of paddys on sale. haha too bad i wasnt working and saving for my speedy :sad:

  9. Yes, there's one on LVR. :biggrin:
  10. The Harvey Nichols sale starts 28th June - there will be Chloe on sale but she didnt know what yet
  11. Thanks miss B! Thats just a few days after payday and you can bet your life I will do all in my power to get my grubby mitts on a black patent betty! :flowers:
  12. I was told Chloe (Sloane Street) will start its summer sale 1 July...:rolleyes: