Chloe Turquoise Edith!

  1. Hey, everyone! I've never really introduced myself, so now's a good time! My name is Mary; I'm a university student; and I LOVE Chloe. Phoebe Philo is one of my favourite designers :love: :love: :love:

    Soooo...I went home to my parents' house to pick up my Edith and was pleasantly surprised to see the colour! Apparently, my mum had cancelled my original order from Bergdorfs and picked this one up for me while she was in London several weeks ago. I love it!!

    Now I have to find the Edith in Whiskey and/or Chamois because I love those colours, too! (Or if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it! My local NM didn't have any in stock) :amuse:

    Here are pictures of my Turquoise Edith, along with my Chloes (Whiskey & Chocolate Paddingtons and a Gunmetal Silver Short Paddington Wallet).(I'm sorry they're so dark! It's rainy here, and I don't like using flash)
    Edith2.JPG Edith3.JPG Edith4.JPG Edith6.JPG ChloeCollection1.JPG
  2. WOW! It is a lot darker than I expected it to be! Your collection is amazing! If you are interested in adding a chamois, I just received one from Saks but may be keeping my whiskey (such a DIFFICULT decision!), so let me know if you might like it rather than me sending it back. Congrats on your beautiful Edith! Our first turquoise!
  3. yes it's definitely a lot dark than what i imagined, but i still love it! i'll try to take pictures later when it's sunnier and thank you!

    oh and YES, i am definitely interested in your Chamois!
  4. love it. Please try to take a photo of you carrying it. Thanks
  5. I think the blue is just beautiful! Here are a couple of pics of my chamois (one with whiskey for comparison). :biggrin:
    Chamois outside front.jpg Ediths side by side.jpg
  6. Great family picture you have there! your turquoise edith is soooo cute!
  7. Hi Mary, welcome! Beautiful bag!! Is it really lighter than the photos depict, more like a true turquoise?
  8. Love that bag...congrats!!! Beautiful collection!
  9. I love the colors of all your handbags! Congratulations on the turquoise Edith!
  10. lucky you! what a beautiful collection!
  11. of course! i'll try to take a picture as soon as i can =)

    yes, i remember drooling over it in your other thread. lol i looove both of those!

    thanks for the welcome! the turquoise is only a little lighter than the photos. it is a bit dark. i think the last photo (with my other bags) really shows its true colour
  12. Very cute, what a fun color! NAP is getting the turquoise Edith in but no ship date yet for anyone who may be interested. =)
  13. Welcome, Mary. What a beautiful bag. I have never seen that color before. I have a things for blue bags!!
  14. Love The Color!
  15. HELLO AND WELCOME...GORGEOUS BAGS! Can I borry them? Enjoy.