Chloe Trunk Show

  1. My local Nordstrom (Seattle) is getting a Chloe trunk show next week. I was wondering if any of the other Nordstrom stores have gotten them yet. If so, was there anything there that Nordstrom does not normally carry? I have been getting different answers from different SA's about what they will carry. Some say there will be things not normally found in the store, others say that it will be things from their book that they did not get in? :shrugs: I was wondering if I should even go??
  2. My SA called me about a Trunk Show on Tuesday, but I didn't go because the Chloe rep was LATE. It was supposed to be from 10-3pm. She didn't even get there until 2 or so. So I passed. I need people who are going to be on time. I hate tardiness.
  3. *Drool* I wish I lived in Seattle now...
  4. Laria, I have heard that there wont be hardly any new things at the one in Seattle that aren't already in the book. Also, I was at Bellevue square today and they had a sign for the same rep to be at Bellevue at the overlapping as with the same time as the Seattle trunk show. ??
  5. Thats strange. Perhaps there will be different people at both since it overlaps? Thanks for letting me know! I guess I won't go unless Bellevue says they will have something Seattle won't but I don't think that is likely.
  6. I was planning to check out the Bellevue Nordies around 3 tomorrow. It is my birthday and my darling husband is going to buy me a new bag! Loren is headed to the trunk show in Portland today(no tax) so maybe she will post a report tonight.
  7. ooooh tulemar, let us know what beautiful bag you get. And a very happy birthday to you :biggrin:
  8. Let me just update and say I called my SA yesterday and she said that the Chloe Rep was there all of 10 minutes and left. She said they let the Chloe people and the buyers know because that is just ridiculous.
  9. Thanks for the update elongreach. I guess I will just go to see if they have a bag in stock that I like anyway and not expect to much from the trunk show. That will keep me from being disappointed. It is a bummer though because I was hoping that it would be a fun time..maybe an opportunity to see some new merchandise etc..
  10. Happy Birthday Beth! I am leaving now to head down to the Portland Chloe trunk show. I just unpacked everything from my cabas piano and am taking my whisky paddy out on parade. I'll report back tonight and I'll take my phone and try and get some pics. For anyone in the portland area, it is today from 2-4 and you'll know me by my whisky.
  11. Happy Birthday tulemar!! :flowers: I can't wait to see your new bag!!
  12. Oh! Happy Birthday tulemar! :flowers:

    :smile: Do you have plans to get a Chloe tomorrow? Or do you have a different bag in mind?
  13. I really want another Chole but I will only get it if I see something I luv. I have a chocolate paddy on order from LVR. I love the hobo so I am really trying to not just buy something for my BD...I told my husband I would cook dinner tomorrow and put the " eat out money" on my new bag. Have I gone to far?
  14. I don't think you've gone too far! But I agree with you, only buy a bag because you really love it and not just to buy a bag. If you don't see anything that speaks to you just hold off until you do! Then you'll have the money to get it instead of cursing your luck because you bought something you didn't really want.
  15. Thanks for the good advice. I just have to stick to it when I get in Nordstrom.