Chloe trunk show in Dallas

  1. Hi everyone. Swanky & I went to the Chloe trunk show at NM. The bags are awesome. The Edith tote is so cute. I loved it in person. It has a cell phone case on the strap. The one that I liked best was a dark red. I also loved the red patent Betty. It has a large chain shoulder strap & the color is gorgeous. All the SA's loved my green Betty. lol. I really loved the Paddington tote with zippers at the bottom & the lock is hanging at the bottom of the bag. I didn't like pics of it, but it is so great in person. It really fit comfortably on my shoulder. I loved the black one. The new red for the large Edith is gorgeous. Well, I'm still excited from seeing all the new bags. I'm going to order one when I decide, and it will be difficult. lol. Which new bags do you guys want?
  2. Hey girl!

    OT - did you go to Hermes on the way home?

    I loved that Paddy we saw at the end, the brown one and the red patent Betty :yes:
  3. I left my address to Hermes at home. Maybe that's just as well, lol, as I have several bags I want to purchase before I bite the bullet on a Kelly. lol. I did get a BCBG navy dress (a slight balloon hem/plaid/sundress) at NM (new fall merchandise) & a pair of white capri jeans (on sale). Trying on clothes took up some of my time, so I headed home. I really liked the Paddington tote with the lock at the bottom. Was the hardware silver? I can't remember.
  4. The red Betty has been on my mind also. The color is so unique. It will be hard to choose between the Edith tote or red Betty.
  5. I liked that too. . . I preferred the other I think though, the brown one you tried on last.
    The black one had the zippered bottom, I removed the lock. . . I think that had gold hardware{?}

    I wis I could've seen your dress! We ended up doing some damage at Jacadi, a kids' Euro boutique :-0

    I think you have some pics to post in Fendi, yes?! LOL!

    Send them to me if you need to to watermark them for you!
  6. Yes, you seemed to like the tote with the lock at the top, & I liked the lock at the bottom. I thought the hardware was silver, but the one on NAP has gold hardware. I never liked the bag from looking at the pic, but I love the shape & feel of it in person. It doesn't slouch down like the regular satchel. My daughter hates the dress. lol. I guess it reminds her of her old school uniform. lol. But I like plaids.
  7. I'll take some pics tomorrow. The Fendi is hiding in my closet tonight. lol.
  8. Does anyone have a good pic of the red Betty or the Black Paddington with lock at the bottom? Anyone have either?? I'd love to see someone's.
  9. ^lol!
  10. The red patent Betty sounds divine! Is it a fire engine red or a bordeaux red?
  11. both! LOL! It's a beautiful deep red, not as bluish/purplish as bordeaux but not a true bright red either. It's just right! :yes:
  12. I want! I want! The SA said that there's already a waitlist for the red Betty. It is so shiny & the hardware is chunky & fab. The color would go with anything IMO.
  13. Here's a Bourdeaux bag from my NM catalog
  14. Did u see any red color from Paddington for the new seasons ? if so what kind of red is that ? thanks
  15. No, I didn't :sad: