Chloe Train Case

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  1. Does anyone have one of these? They sold out (over a year ago) before I could get one, and I never see them anymore. I really wanted one in the brown. Any thoughts on how I might find one? I know the ones on eBay are mostly fakes, so I don't really want to look there.
    Chloe Paddington Train Case.jpg
  2. Wow, this bag is beautiful!! I hope you'll find one soon.
  3. That looks different/better than I remember it. I wonder if it's new because doesn't that look like Whiskey?
  4. I really like that the color, too. I wish they would bring that style back!
  5. That photo is from Harper's Bazaar from around last February or so (2005). I haven't seen any new versions, but yes...the magazine photo was absolutely gorgeous. I never saw one in person. The color was just brown, as I recall.
  6. Interesting looking, haven't seen that style out IRL.
  7. hmmm i like! too bad i didn't see that one around.
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