Chloe Tracy

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  1. Hi! I'm new here, but not to Chloe. I have a Bleu Nuit Paddington in the square bowler style; two large Silverado's (the metallic bronze and the iconic natural python); a whiskey ziparound Paddington wallet--but never seem to get around to carrying any of them much. However, I just got the Tracy from BG in the more east-west vs north-south style, in the brown+'peanut butter'(?) color, and must admit to liking it very much.
    I purchased the gray/black "campaign bag", thought it looked dull, exchanged it for the whiskey/taupe color, but didn't like the "school satchel" look of it. The 3rd try was this Tracy, at $1645 more expensive than the $1575 campaign bag, but it's been very nice, I'm carrying it, it's holding up beautifully, and I'm getting a lot of compliments.
    Just wondering if anyone else has tried this style and has feedback?
  2. I have the grey/black combo and in hindsight, I wished I'd have bought the whiskey/taupe color instead b/c I preferred the look IRL. You're right, it does look like a school satchel. I am strongly considering sending back mine now.
  3. I have the whiskey/taupe and I love it. It does look a bit like a school or work bag but I still carry it non the less. I get a lot of compliments on that bag when i carry it.
  4. Hi Oasis,
    I have the large Tracy tote in the two tone tan/whiskey color you have, and I LOVE it. It's one of my favorite bags. It's a great work tote. I have posted several times on here about how much I love that bag. :heart:
  5. I have the grey and black large tracy and I love it... I get tons of compliments on it too.

    I like the look of the whiskey/taupe one as well but it just wouldn't fit with the bulk of my wardrobe.
  6. Just the mastic small Tracy with brown luggage tags. I'm going to wear it today. I personally would choose one color for the body of the bag.