Chloé Tracy Whiskey/Taupe for $472.00 at Saks BH

  1. I got the mailer from Saks about the Designer Consolidation Sale on Jan. 8 at Saks NY, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Houston Galleria and SF. I called BH, Houston and SF and they all said it was only for RTW, except for Beverly Hills who said they had ONE Chloé Tracy Taupe/Whiskey on presale for $472.00. Those who missed out on the sales of the last week this is your chance!

    Call SA Michael at 310-275-4211. They close at 8pm PST today.
  2. Hi Eucalyptic... what does RTW mean?? Thanks in advance! :yes:
  3. Wow, hope someone got that Tracy! Great deal.

  4. Ready To Wear.
  5. Thanks justonemore! I was late to log back in to tPF. :yes:

    So who's the lucky one who got that Tracy?
  6. It is on hold for a former customer until Saturday.
    I am next in line :confused1:
  7. Thanks for defining RTW, justonemore...

    I know I'm new to this forum, so what exactly is "Ready to Wear"? a brand? Sorry for my nievete! :shrugs:
  8. Gosh, that bag keeps dropping and dropping. First I bought it for $975 when it went on sale, then it went to $775, then $550. So I returned both and got the $550 one. $472 is an incrediable deal. Hope someone gets it. Its a really beautiful bag.
  9. I tried getting a price match at Nordstrom's today and Saks told them the pre-sale started next Thursday. Nordie's had the Tracy on clearance already (just one), but I am confused, as I was told by Michael it was already discounted to $472.

    Can anyone help with details I can give Nordie's.
  10. Is it all the Nordies or just particular ones? Also, regarding the pre-sale, does anyone know which SAKS is participating and which bags go on pre-sale?