Chloe Tracy Pocket Tote

  1. I am completely in love with the new Tracy Pocket Tote...what are your thoughts? I like it in this colour, it just stands out!
    Chloe_Tracy Pocket Tote.jpg
  2. Hi Hue,
    I saw it in an electric blue colour a couple of weeks ago. I adored it, it really is so much nicer in real life.
    I still think it will be reduced in the winter sales though, so would hold on ;)
  3. I agree the Tracy looks great IRL, especially that color - although I saw it with the black trim and thought it was fab! :yes: It looked a little too tailored on me (I like the larger Tracys for a more casual style but this one is my fave to just admire!) I also saw a pretty bad pic of Jessica Simpson carrying a one-pocket Tracy with like a short summer dress and boots :wtf: I'll try to dig it up - but whatever you do, don't let JS be your stylist!!