Chloe Tracy or Balenciaga Work????

  1. Need help. Which one would you choose?

  2. I'm probably the worst person to ask since I don't have any Balenciaga bags (haven't been bitten by the bug -YET) and I have three Tracys... So... you know my answer... heehhehe

    Btw, where is the Tracy still available, green_eggs?
  3. God they're both so gorgeous, I almost can't choose!! I see your dilemna, I'm kinda leaning towards the Balenciaga, although it looks like it wouldn't fit as comfortably on the shoulder as the Tracy would.
    I say Bbag.
  4. I got it last week when it popped back up on NM website. Should have it my hot little hands on Tuesday :yahoo:
  5. Both --- LOL! Great bags green_eggs AND you did get the Chloe on sale!
  6. This one and 4 others.....eek!
  7. I really like the "work" but it didn't work for me.:p So I sold it.
    I need to be able to shoulder carry and the work fits just over me shoulder but it's not really comfortable to carry it like that., forget it over a coat...
    It all depends what you're lookinf for.
  8. green_eggs, congratulations! This particular size/style Tracy unlike the rest of the other size Tracys is that this one doesn't have a zipper top but the softness of the leather makes the front or back part flop on top of the other. Hard to describe but I love it!
  9. Really?!? I have been dying for a work too! But I need to carry all kinds of stuff, laptop, files, etc. So the work doesn't fit over a coat? Yikes!


  10. Now if you have Nicole's arm it probably does :p .
    Check out the Wearing your b-bags thread it gives you a better idea, her's a pic of when I had the ink work...have lost weight since (needed to get my before pregnancyfigure back). I am 5'7 ,
  11. Wow, I can totally see what you mean!! And btw, you are *thin* in this pic!! I hope you didn't loose too much :yes:

  12. green eggs - congrats on the tracy! i hesitated and was so bummed i missed it but am glad it was you that got it!

    hmwe - yes it's so sad the handles on the work are really short. the shopper has a longer drop if you want to check that style out...
  13. i'm a b bags girl stranded in chloe forum :roflmfao:
    so i would say balenciaga work :yahoo:

    but yeah, i don't think it'll fit under a coat unless u wore it a lot and the handles already strecthed

  14. Good to know I'm not the only one "straying";) :p ...
  15. Thanks for the tip!

    If I thought I could get my leather folio in the City, I'd for that!! But it's like 12 x 10 x 2 thick. So I hear it won't work :crybaby:

    Or I'd be joining the cross-over party from Chloe to Bal!! :p