Chloe Tracy bag at BG

  1. I called directly with 2 Chloes in my shopping bag, and the person I spoke to said there were none available. I clicked out, went back in, and put them back in my cart while still on the phone with BG online rep. They showed in my basket while the woman told me they are out of stock. Ridiculous!!! I feel like we're all getting our chains yanked by these companies!:censor:
  2. still there
  3. Ok ladies - we'll see what happens. Just ordered an Edith Bowler last night (my fav), but got the email today that it was cancelled b/c "stock had been depleted." I'm trying the same thing with the Tracy right now, b/c I'm desperate for a Chloe, and the price is unbelieveable. I won't believe I've gotten it until it shows up on my porch, though!! :sad:
  4. UGH!!! :confused1: Just logged into my BG account, and ONCE AGAIN discovered the order has been cancelled! WHAT GIVES?!? Are these bags available or not! I AM P-O'd!!
  5. Both BG & NM are jerking your chains,bigtime!
  6. If you really want a Chloe, try a reputable seller on eBay...
  7. I am sorry, girls! :shrugs:
    i've had about 30% luch with these NM/BG sales.... so i figured that it's worth a try...
  8. Hey UliUli - no worries! Sometimes the chase is half the fun...and if you're lucky enough to get one, well...:graucho:
  9. Rue, try calling Nordstrom rack in Ontario Mills Outlet (Ontario, California). I was there yesterday and a lady walked out with a Chloe Paddington and a Chloe Silverado. There were some other Chloe bags left and also Jimmy Choo but I don't know the names of the bags. I know that they ship bags.

  10. wow, i cant believe they are now selling paddies at the rack, i'd better check my local NR soon!
  11. I was surprised too. I was shopping with my four month old girl and she was asleep in her stroller. Out of the blue the alarm censors go off and she started crying. So I looked up and saw a lady grab two Chloe bags, setting off the alarm by yanking out the security cords. I think she must have seen the bags and quickly grabbed them before anyone else could. Lucky lady!!! haha
  12. how much were the NR paddies
  13. I am all over that! Thanks for the update YaYa! I wonder what the prices were??
  14. I remember there was one that was 399 and some that were four something. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.