Chloe Tote?


Bum Chum
Jan 27, 2006
I do love the Chloe Paddy, but need something a little bigger as I lug lots of kids crap around with me. Is the tote over the top? Do you think it will last a couple of seasons (fashion wise), will the colour be the death of me? Would a LV tote get me further? What to do????


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I've heard many times from people on this forum that the Paddys are heavy. I wonder how heavy a tote would be with the lock and the ability to put a lot of stuff in there. Do you think if you filled this tote up you'd be able to actually haul it around??? Just curious ....
Thanks ladies, I'm going to Amsterdam on Saturday so will create a diversion for husband - easy to do in Amsterdam - and check Shoebaloo out (& LV & Van Ravenstein &.....).
LOVE that tote - it's a couple hundred bucks outside of my price range or it would have already found a good home with me. i don't find the paddy heavy, i don't know what the deal is with everyone thinking that it is, and i think the color is beautiful. white is so chic, you'll be able to carry it for several seasons.
Hey, it's a couple of hundred bucks outta my range also (husband does NOT need to know, I told him my B-bag was €150!:nuts: ), so I think I could swing it with a little creative-accounting. I'd love to try one on though!
JoV said:
How about an Edith in white? If they come in white. Otherwise they come in a very light color.

The Edith comes in a Chamois color (a light buttery-yellow-cream color). This is what I ordered from Bergdorf Goodman ... but, they went like THAT!!!

I am a little concerned about the weight ... I find the Chloe bags to be on the heavy side (they use very sturdy leather). Then again, you're probably used to the extra weight anyhow ... having to carry all the stuff for the kids, huh?!?!
I got my blue Paddy today and it is not really heavier than my other bags. The handles are a bit larger, and I am used to a shoulder bag so it is taking some getting used to, but I love the tote and I say go for it. You can always take the lock off it that makes it too's still a beautiful bag.