Chloe Tote has arrived!

  1. Well here it is from NAP yesterday. It is even more amazing than I ever anticipated! Empted my current bag straight into it so I could use immediately. THe smell is amazing. I'm in love love love!!
    bag - 01.JPG bag - 02.JPG
  2. :heart: oh Wow, that is gorgeous

    What a great buy that was. The colour looks gorgeous, is it the tan, and the colour in the middle of the bag where the zip is looks like the paddy leather, and the outer leather looks very like the edith. Gosh it is really lovely :love:
  3. Chloe babe you're right. It is two different types of leather. Inside middle section (which runs all the way round - that sounds difficult to describe - hope you understand) is the paddy and the outer is edith which just makes it all the more special. I really can't believe how much of a steel it was... Maybe I don't need that Chloe Hobo after all.
  4. No you definitely shouldnt bother with the Hobo, I actually think this bag is even nicer (and no marks on it ;))

    You done very well indeed :smile:
  5. Beautiful bag, congrats:yes:
  6. thanks everybody - I am soooo loving it
  7. Gorgeous! The leather looks stunning. Enjoy :biggrin:
  8. Wow, that bag is soooo cute! You should take a photo of yourself wearing it so we can get an idea of the dimensions.
  9. It's GORGEOUS! I love the Ascot Tote! I think its classic and that color is just tdf!! Enjoy her, she is a beauty!
  10. Super!
  11. beautiful...congrats!
  12. What a stunner! Congrats on a great find.
  13. That is absolutely gorgeous! I kept looking at it wondering what
    it would be like IRL even before it went on sale.

    You were brilliant to order it :girlsigh: It is a KEEPER! :love:
  14. It's really nice! How big is this bag? Congrats!
  15. That is SOOO Cute!! I love the color too. Congrats!!