chloe tote 60% off NM

  1. Just got off NM and they now have a brown Chloe Betty Tote at 60% off, don't know how long it will last - but it's there now!:yes: They also have a gorgeous brown suede Celine and a DG, all new to the LAST CALL!! SHOP SHOP!!
  2. No Betty left. Do you have a link to the item?
  3. Sorry, I didn't. Newbie still learning!!:yes:
  4. chloe betty tote gone.
  5. Ready for an even better bargain?
    OK, so this bag in the stores at Last Call was $666.70
    Ask your SA to look up the item and then have them call online to do a price adjustment.

    I did this last week for a Be&D handbag that was $787 online and $444 in the stores and had no problem getting the price adjustment.
  6. I bought a Chloe medium betty satchel in chocolate from Nordstrom's and I am probably returning it this weekend. The color is not as dark as I thought it would be (I bought it sight unseen). It was $719. I will probably return it to the Roosevelt Field Nordstrom's on saturday if anyone's interested!
  7. I didn't even know Nordstrom's sell Chloe bags. It doesn't online. Well then again in Macy's at Roosevelt Field, they sell LV bags.
  8. I ordered a Chloe Betty from NM and it got cancelled. It seems like NM cancels a VERY large percentage of its orders. What's up with that? Bad inventory system?