Chloe thread started this and would be interesting on Fendi thread

  1. In that what is it that you Fendi Gals do for a living?

    I'll start with mine from the Chloe thread.

    Nothing exciting - Senior Manager in Corporate Banking and need this bag addiction to help me get through it!

    Would be interested to hear everyone elses story.
  2. I already posted on the Balenciaga thread, but since I hang out here too, I'll post again since I think this is a great way to learn a little more about each other.

    I'm in pharmaceutical research and development.
  3. I'm a graduate student.
  4. I'm a senior Interactive planner and buyer in a media agency. I work in advertising.
  5. This should be a really great and interesting thread! :yes:

    I'm an attorney.
  6. college senior :smile: graduate 12.15.2007 and hope to teach 7th grade english/history near/in dallas
  7. Cool its great to see everyone from so many different areas and professions.

  8. Med school student...I'll be a doctor in 2.5 years and I can't wait! Sick of school already! :lol:
  9. I went to school for Interior Design & Construction Management. My family is traveling for my husband's job right now, so at each site we buy a house and I flip it, (takes a while longer when you live in it).;)

    I am also a mommy of 2 little girls.:love:
  10. Cool topic :yes:

    I have my Masters in Fine Arts & for occupation, I'm an abstract artist (paintings) ~
  11. mother of 2 adult girls, former paralegal
  12. Makeup Artist and owner an artist management firm.
  13. I work for Fendi!!! I am a SA!
  14. i am in real estate, i sell new construction Trump condos right outside NYC; and probably every bonus check i get will go toward a purchase of a fendi bag
  15. How do you stand it???? Personally, I'd be living in a cardboard box under the Manhattan bridge if I were a SA at Fendi. I'd never see *any* of my pay.

    Thank god I work in a corporate law firm -- not enough time to go shopping. :yes: